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Why is the Sky Blue (Chemistry). Life Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Based on the question you researched, (the question i researched was: why is the sky blue). create a thread where you report your scientific answer to the posted question. Please ensure you have at least 2 professional references and that they are properly cited in APA format. Thanks.


Why is the Sky Blue?
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Why is the Sky Blue?
The popular opinion that the sky is blue is often misunderstood. In the quest to eliminate this confusion, light is introduced into this discussion. Many regard the color of visible light as white, which is false. According to Isaac Newton’s demonstrations using a prism, light comprises of different colors. These colors in unison form the rainbow. This assertion implies that they have different wavelengths. Violet being the seventh color has the highest energy while the first color (red) has the least energy. 

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