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Monitoring And Evaluation Plan: Components (Research Paper Sample)


What is a monitoring and evaluation plan and what are its components? Why is a monitoring and evaluation plan relevant to program evaluation? Critically discuss.
Please use the following Monitoring and Evaluation components to explain in details.
1. Purpose and Objectives
2. Intended users of the evaluation
3. Intended uses of the evaluation.
4. Evaluation questions.
5.Logic models
6. Indicators.
7. data collection plans
8. data analysis plans.
9. Budget.
10. Communication plan


Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation
What is a monitoring and evaluation plan and what are its components?
Once in a while, programs are implemented in companies, health facilities, non-governmental organizations, or other institutions, and the intention of these plans or programs is often to initiate or instigate change. Upon implementation, a program is often taken or given a grace period while all of its components and projected outcomes are assessed. The assessment happens to help appraise the viability, impact or effect, as well as progress of the program. “A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan is a document that helps track and assess the results of the interventions throughout the life of a program. It is a living document that should be referred to and updated on a regular basis”. Once a program is implemented, changes take place which could be as a result of the program, but after some time, these changes could mutate and render the program invalid. Therefore, it is indeed essential to always refer to the program and seek to update it depending on any and all changes noted in the subjects.
Every organization can develop their M&E, but Health Compass confirms that the structure should always be the same while also including “the same key elements.” However, it is essential that an M&E plan be developed by a competent team with enough research experience. The team should know how to design as well as implement the program. Other questions that concern an M&E include when it should be prepared as well as who it should be designed for. Well, an M&E should always be developed before a program is implemented. This is essential because it will help to ensure there is an assessment tool in place to test and evaluate the success of the implemented program. Additionally, this program is developed for anyone who does not have the relevant research skills or a person who seeks to produce evidence-based research regarding the implementation of a certain program. Health Compass opines that it is a guide that “can help managers to support the need for research and ensure that research staff have adequate resources to conduct the research that is needed to be certain that the program is evidence-based and that results can be tracked over time and measured at the end of the program.” therefore, an M&E is an important research tool which should always be considered whenever a new program is about to be implemented.
Why is a monitoring and evaluation plan relevant to program evaluation?
The relevance of an M&E program is quite obvious. However, it is essential that an M&am

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