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Ethical Dilemma Faced by Healthcare Professionals (Research Paper Sample)


Assessment 1
Develop a solution to a specific ethical dilemma faced by a healthcare professional by applying ethical principles. Describe the issues and a possible solution in a 3-5 page paper ONLY, not including the title page and reference page. Please note that you must pick one of the three case studies in the course room for this assessment.
Helpful Tips:
Use at least 2-3 scholarly sources to support your analysis of the ethical issue.
Please remember to adequately discuss which communication approaches were used by the professional(s) in the case study and whether this communication approach was effective in resolving the ethical dilemma.
Discuss which approach(es) were used by the professional(s) to resolve the ethical dilemma and whether the approach(es) was effective in resolving the ethical issue and how.
Do not forget to discuss your possible solutions to resolve the ethical dilemma. Additionally, remember to discuss how ethical principles such as autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice relate to the solutions that you suggested.
Case studies to choose from:
Case Study 1
Capella University (2019). Reducing hospital readmissions.
Case Study 2
Capella University (2019). Old school or out of touch?
Case Study 3
Capella University (2019). Measles making a comeback.
In-text citation – (Capella University, 2019)


Ethical Dilemma Faced by Healthcare Professionals
Course Code:
An ethical dilemma is defined as the predicament that arises when one is faced with a difficult problem, and the solution to the challenge will not satisfy everyone. In medical practice, such predicament occurs when a medical situation arises that involves a choice between equally unacceptable options. This paper will describe the possible solution emphasis to be developed to the particular ethical dilemma faced by a health care professional; the solution will also be in line with ethical principles. The ethical dilemma to analyze will be from the measles case that the medical director of open Arms medical center is faced with. The community in focus will be the low- income, East African immigrants that are usually served by the Medical Centre. The ethical dilemma facing the medical Centre will require a long lasting solution that will also counter the anti-vaccine campaign that prevents the immigrant community from being vaccinated. Already the impact of the dilemma is felt in the number of patients who have presented with the measles case in the society. The paper will do an analysis of the ethical issue; it will also discuss the communication approaches that were used by the Piper banks whether her communication approach was effective in resolving the ethical dilemma. Finally, the paper will focus on the strategies that piper used to address the ethical issues, and whether the approaches were effective, from the methods, the paper will be able to discuss the possible solution to resolve the ethical dilemma and explain how the ethical principle relate to the solution.
The mentioned case of measles outbreak brings forth medical dilemma, which comes solved through the provision of a lasting solution that favorable to the immigrant community. Most important the solution to be permanent needs to be intentional in silencing the community that is miss informing the targeted unvaccinated community. Countering the fear of the targeted population and also ensuring that there is no miss information it is one of the goals of the Medical Centre. The Centre needs to solve this dilemma that has lasted for a long time, and this is because the community that needs the vaccine have been brainwashed for nearly ten years by the crusaders of anti-vaccine community, and their basis is an allegation that the immunization is spreading autism among the children. The Crusaders also points mistrust with the government hence causing fear among the immigrants. The dilemma here arises from the Open challenge arm is facing the anti-vaccination community, the misinformation presented by this members will make the principle autonomy- the principle that has the right of the patient to retain the control over his body. Not to favor the vaccine campaign and hence increase the number of the measles outbreak. We are also seeing another ethical problem arising from the link of measles and autism even despite the extensive research disapproving that. The medical center in the quest of finding a solution with stakeholders that is the religious leaders and health care providers who have gained the trust of the community and educate them on the benefits of vaccination to their children. The approach has shown to be effective as Nasra, an intern reported on the excellent job the religious leaders are doing urging their congregants to consider taking their children for the measles vaccine. The communication approach used by the religious body seems to be effective

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