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Week 10 Leadership Assignment: Taking a Stand (Research Paper Sample)


Effective leaders have a high degree of self-awareness and know how to leverage their strengths in the workplace. Assessments are a valuable tool that professionals can use to learn more about themselves and consider how their temperament and preferences influence their interactions with others.
As you engage in this learning process, it is important to remember that everyone—regardless of temperament type or related preferences—experiences some challenges with regard to leadership. The key to success is being able to recognize and leverage your own strengths while honoring differences among your colleagues.
At some point in your leadership career, you will encounter an ethical or moral dilemma that requires you to take a stand and defend your position.
For this Assignment, you evaluate an issue and consider how you could act as a moral agent or advocate, facilitating the resolution of the issue for a positive outcome.
To prepare:
Mentally survey your work environment, or one with which you are familiar, and identify a timely issue/dilemma that requires you to perform the leadership role of moral agent or advocate to improve a situation (e.g., speaking or acting on behalf of a vulnerable patient, the need for appropriate staffing, a colleague being treated unfairly).
What ethical, moral, or legal skills, dispositions, and/or strategies would help you resolve this dilemma?
Define the differences between ethical, moral, and legal leadership.
Finally, consider the values and principles that guide the nursing profession; the organization’s mission, vision, and values; the leadership and management competencies addressed in this course; and your own values and reasons for entering the profession. What motivation do you see for taking a stand on an important issue even when it is difficult to do so?
To complete:
Write a 4 to 5 page paper (page count does not include title and reference page) that addresses the following:
Introduce the conceptual frameworks of the ethical constructs of ethics, moral, or legal standards and the purpose of the paper.
Consider an ethical, moral, or legal dilemma that you have encountered in your work environment and describe it.
Analyze the moral, ethical, and legal implications utilized in this situation. Describe your role as a moral agent or advocate for this specific issue.
Please make sure this is at least 4 full pages of types information.


Taking a Stand: Leadership and Moral Agency
Taking a Stand: Leadership and Moral Agency
Taking a stand involves making a decision and defending it, especially in conflicting situations and in the absence of support from others. However, it becomes difficult to take a stand when faced with an ethical problem in the healthcare industry, thus the need for moral values and ethics. Ethics refers to the application of a moral principle to differentiate between right and wrong and make a decision (Weberg, Mangold, Porter-O'Grady, &Malloch, 2019). The concept of morality is what enables members of a given society to determine what is wrong and what is right. As noted by Aitamaa, Leino-Kilpi, Iltanen, and Suhonen (2016), an ethical problem requires a solution that is moral and most ethical problems present an ethical dilemma that can only be solved based on moral standards. In the nursing profession, there exists a code of ethics which provides an ethical framework for nursing practice and forms the basis for decision-making. The code of ethics is commonly based on the four principles of ethical conduct namely; beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, and justice (Weberg, Mangold, Porter-O'Grady, &Malloch, 2019). The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate an ethical and legal dilemma encountered during my practice. Further, based on the constructs of moral and ethical standards highlighted above, this paper will also critically analyze the implications addressed in a dilemma, more so guided by personal values and the principles of nursing as a profession. Finally, the paper will examine the role of a nurse as an advocate of protecting the interest and safety of patients.
Nurses are highly involved in patient care, and one of the major responsibilities of nursing leaders is to advocate for patient safety. Also, nurses should consider both the ethical and legal ramifications of their decisions, and of those they work closely with (Grace, 2018). This is important in decision making, especially when faced with an ethical dilemma. During my work, I have realized that a certain surgical doctor, who also happens to be my friend, has a tremor in her hand and is still operating on patients. She also happens to be the best surgeon in the hospital, and many patients are referred to her due to her high rate of successful procedures. She has lost two patients during surgical operations since I noticed the tremor and the surgical team was not very forthright with what happened except for one nurse who came to me and stated that a hand tremor caused poor precision leading to massive bleeding. The dilemma, in this case, is whether to protect the doctor or the patients whose safety is my responsibility. I asked her about it after another nurse told me of similar observations and she said she has everything under control. So, do I wait for her to lose a patient to take appropriate action or do I become pro-active and take a stand before things fall apart? Cases of patients dying on the operating table due to avoidable circumstances are not rare

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