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Based on article: Bicycle for Children with Down Syndrome (Research Paper Sample)

I am attached examples of articles and research paper related to this articles. I am requesting a research paper based on one of the articles (optional 1). I am also providing last 2 attachments as an example of such a work (article related to OTA and an example of a research paper) keep in mind my article supposed to be related to PTA, my major. Bicycle for Children with Down Syndrome source..

Bicycle for Children with Down Syndrome
The decision of selecting the article on benefits of physical activity and particularly riding a two-wheel bicycle for children with Down syndrome was based on the intent to perform such works in future during my line of duty as a Physical Therapist Assistant( PTA). This kind of physical activity would be very beneficial to the children with Down syndrome, as the study recommends. Since the syndrome has a physical shortcoming in the affected people, it would be beneficial in enhancing the physical performance of children. My greatest desire is to see jovial and lively children regardless of their health conditions and thus engagement of physical therapy and specifically the one involved in this study is one-step of ensuring that children with Down syndrome are improving their physical status (Ulrich, Burghardt, Lloyd, Tiernan, Hornyak, 2011). In addition, the article will impact personal knowledge on the benefits of this kind of exercise and the way it helps, where it would be applied even in future therapy. Thus, this realization was able to uncover the significance of riding two-wheel bicycle by the Down syndrome children.
The article presents a study that highly recommends physical activities for people with disabilities and more particularly, the children with Down syndrome. Thus, the reports recommended that professionals in this area develop methods of promoting physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviors amongst the individuals with disabilities. Down syndrome being one of the mentioned disabilities that require physical activities is a disorder that is recognized soon after or before birth. It possesses the confidence of developmental delays amongst the affected children. In a country like the United States, Down syndrome takes place around one point thirty six times (1.36) in every one thousand live births. One of the most common genetic causes of this disorder is Trisomy 21, where the extra chromosome twenty-one copy effects in gene expression. The over expression of gene results to a very complex phenotype that causes the significant alterations of both cognitive and physiological developments. The article further states that the children with Down syndrome experience considerable delays in the beginning of early motor milestones as well as display qualitative distinctions in movement patterns as compared to children that tend to show typical development. The main purpose of the physical activities in these kinds of children is activating their body system, as they possess higher rates of obesity and overweight. This kind of research where physical activities are practiced in relation to health is rare, especially for the children or people with Down syndrome. The article reviews on a certain study that examined the patterns of physical activities in a number of thirty sibling pairs, through the reports from parents. The results showed tha...
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