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Women and War Article Review (Article Sample)

Read pages 13-47 1. Write a brief description of the author (2 sentences) 2. What is the subject of article (2 sentences) 3. identify what the article is about (2 sentences) 4. What is the central controversy or question 5.what is the author addressing? 6. What is the most important point or central argument 7. In your own words, briefly summarize the author's most important point or central argument 8. Some key supporting facts or evidence (can be in point form)list up to 3 important facts or evidence Respond to ALL of the following: a)What aspect of this reading did you find most or least persuasive? What further evidence or argument is needed to convince you of this argument? c)How does the reading match or contradict your personal experience or knowledge of current events? d) Discuss the reading with people you know who may have had direct experience of the issue. How does the reading match or contradict their experience? e) How does the reading relate to an event/s described in the newspaper the week of the reading? source..

Women and War
Cynthia Cockburn is a feminist writer and researcher, devoted to voice the women’s pleas through activism and writing. She is involved in the “international antimilitarist network Women in Black.” Moreover, she is popular in the writings focused on empirical social study, as well as an approach, which grounds theory in political action or labor practice (Cockburn, 2007). Cockburn is a great contributor to literature on technology and gender, trade unionism, labor process, transformative change through organizations, for over a quarter century.
The article by Cockburn is a subject of the women’s current stand on war and gives the analysis of their activism and feminist activities of the same. In this article, Cockburn elaborates on the issues of war and the way women get involved and affected in the process. In addition, it is comprehensive on the women’s activism against war and their desire for peace and justice around the world. The main argument in the article is whether the women are severely involved in wars that they encounters of women during wars from different kinds of war and in various countries. The author has analyzed a number of women’s activism and feminism activities and the narration of their experiences during war. Moreover, women’s responses of different wars have been addressed and the way it affects them and the entire society. Therefore, the central point of this article is to describe the women’s activities of campaigning for peace. The bottom line of their protest and feminism is the passion to restore peace in order to ensure a safe environment for both their families and them (Cockburn, 2007).
One of the author’s most significant points is that women are usually very affected during different kinds of wars and have a great desire to stop war at all cost. The author has illustrated voices of women from different countries to emphasize on the ef...
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