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Starbucks Loses Trademark Dispute Over Char Bucks Coffee (Research Paper Sample)


i need to write a research paper and i have my thesis statement, grading rubric for the research paper, and sample research paper. please i need you to follow the documents.
Also, and i need a reference page you can see the example in the attachment(Sample research) i need it the same way they write it in the example the same form.
and please don't forget i have a thesis and a sample.


Starbucks Loses Trademark Dispute Over 'Charbucks' Coffee

Brand marking is a word, which combines branding and trademark. It further reflects a conviction that marketing and legal experts have a similar objective. The objective is simple and it involves the development of powerful, durable brand identities and captures them in various forms, which may include slogans, names and designs. Through such, consumers will find it easy to identify manufacturers or the providers of particular goods and services. As such, brands and company trademarks are important; hence, the emergence of trademark law, which aims at protecting companies against possible trademark conflicts. As per trademark law, a trademark is a nonfunctional, distinctive word, shape, symbol, phrase or some combination of the same, which helps consumers in differentiating products and their manufacturers (Wright, 2013). Similarly, because of many conflicts, in this context, there was implementation of The Lanham Act, which is a federal statute that further protects a registered trademark from potential use by other businesses without the holders’ consent. The case between Starbucks and Charbucks is an example of a conflict in the same, which saw to a court battle to establish whether there were any trademark violations (Stempel, 2013).

Well, the court ruled that there was no trademark violation. As such, Starbucks had to lose the trademark dispute over ‘Charbucks’ coffee as the two companies have distinguishable trademarks they use in commerce. Starbucks lacked evidence to prove ‘Charbucks’ coffee used the trademark to evoke Starbucks famous mark, and the number of consumers confusing the two companies and their products. While Starbucks had humble beginnings, the company has managed to grow over the years to hold a global position in the retail coffee industry. Throughout the years, the company has managed to build a strong brand. Competition has been stiff, but Starbucks, through strategic initiatives, has managed to survive. Having established many branches across the world, the company has achieved success both locally and internationally. A significant threat, however, is the emerging companies in the coffee industry. Considering that, it is hard to make it in such a competitive business, the emerging companies, for example, Black Dear somehow used the Starbucks trademark. Well, this has been a contentious issue, which saw to a court battle.  Black Bear also had humble beginnings. Jim and Annie Clark, is a couple, native Englanders who shared a passion for coffee business. After some years of research in the business, the couple opened the Black Bear Micro Roastery. This was in the year 1995 aiming at creating an exceptional methodology for roasting gourmet coffee beans using advanced technology (Melvin, 2011).

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