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MIS: Uchumi Supermarket (Research Paper Sample)

Dear Writer, Hi. I hope all is well. I have marked the key points in Bold and Red. PLease make sure that you answer each Question of the seven precisely as the assessment will be done according to that Paying more attention to the first five question. Title and organization choice is yours as I dont know which company will help you in answering the required questions. The rest is in the uploaded file. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Project Instructions: You are required to identify and then analyze a problem or business process(s) or an opportunity which has the potential to be solved or improved by a management information system. The problem/opportunity may exist in a company described in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, business publication, academic journal, TV, textbook, or industry interviews, or you do your research on the web. An example of such business problem could be the design of a web site for a company or government entity. Another example might be a Transaction Processing System (TPS) for the local retailer. Another example could be an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for a bank. Prepare an individual project in the form of a consulting report to top management recommending how to solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity. Apart from an analysis of the problem/opportunity/solution, the report should answer the following questions: 1. Analyze the business. Please include a description of the business's features, such as important business processes, culture, structure, and environment, as well as its business strategy. Suggest strategic information systems appropriate for that particular business. 2. What are the business problems facing the company? How did they relate to its existing systems? 3. Using Porter's competitive forces model, analyse the company's market situation. How does the use of technology help the company compete in its market? How does the concept of a strategic ecosystem apply to the company's partnership strategy? 4. Give 2 examples of business processes for this company? How can this company improve its business process (s) using information systems? Please draw a diagram for one business process for this company. 5. Define IT infrastructure for this company from both a technical and a services perspective. List and describe the components of IT infrastructure that this company needs to manage. 6. Do you think a data warehouse will help the company improve its marketing strategies? How? 7. Develop a corporate ethics code on privacy that addresses both employee privacy and the privacy of customers and users of the corporate website. Rubric for Project: Criteria Available Points Points Cover page including: project title, course number, and instructor's name. Page numbering, 12 pt. font, & organization/layout of the paper (must be professional) 1 1 Writing Skills: Spelling/grammatical errors Clear and concise presentation of ideas 1 3 Quality of Analysis & Creativity: Insightful and thorough analysis of all the questions (1-7). 12 Executive Summary: Company description summary, the problem, the solution (brief summary to questions 1-7) 4 Recommendations: make appropriate recommendations clearly supported by the information presented. 5 References: Follow APA guidelines with almost no errors. If you quote any information from the case or any other source (e.g. book, internet, magazine, academic article, etc…), please cite the reference. In text Citation as well 3 source..

Uchumi Supermarket
Table of ContentsIntroduction3Paper Objectives4Analysis of Uchumi Supermarket4Current Problems facing Uchumi Supermarket5Analysis of Uchumi Supermarket Market Strategies based on the Five Porter's Model6Business Process for Uchumi Supermarket7Data Warehouse for Uchumi Supermarket8Recommendations and Conclusion9Reference List10
Transaction Processing System of Uchumi Supermarket
Executive Summary
Organizations face different challenge in the operations especially for organizations that still use manual system of data processing system. These are organizations that use batch-processing system in collecting data, processing data to produce information and in the storing of data for both the organization and their customers. Some of the challenges that are faced by these organizations such as Uchumi supermarket include poor delivery of services due to untimely production, leakage of information data and information due to lack of proper measures of data access and storage, lack of effective communication within the organization and poor departmental coordination among other challenges. It is also important for these organizations to ensure that they use the current technological advancement in controlling and operating different activities of the organization. Through the use of the current technology, organizations are able to provide better services to their clients such as online shopping, online access of information of the organization and safe keeping of any private information. Moreover, by enforcing the use of information technology will help organizations in controlling access to their information both internally and externally. Based on the issue of stiff competition in the market, organizations need to study and understand the five porter's model so as to come up with proper strategies that would help them to survive in the market despite presence of their competitors. For better service delivery, or...
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