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Importance of Income Redistribution Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


follow the instructions please, due date no more than 10 days at 12pm.
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1) Create a Thread to enter your initial post on the topic researched. Your post should include a list of (use separate paragraphs or bullet points):
a) a minimum of two pros, or good points about the topic,
b) a minimum of two cons, or bad points about the topic, and
c) your opinion on the topic, stating the reasons you consider the topic a good or bad idea. 
The professor recommend to APPLY all those:
What Makes A Good Discussion Post? 
• Substantial--thoughtful, original, relevant and contributes to the overall learning of the group (here are some tips on Giving and Receiving Feedback)
• Thought-provoking--stimulates thinking and reasoning
• Timely--post early to give your peers time to respond, this contributes to a rich discussion
• Logical, concise, and grammatical


Income redistribution from the rich to the poor has been a major initiative by the U.S government to help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. This gap has resulted in the cases of inequality and poverty seen in different parts of the country (Cooper, Lutz, & Palumbo, 2015). The government has therefore attempted to bridge this gap by applying different methods. One of the methods implemented is to equalize income and wealth in that the same proportion that the rich receive their income is the same proportion to some extent that the poor should receive their income. Humanitarians all over the world have constantly touched the issue of fairness among human beings due to the discrimination that has happened in the past.

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