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Marketing Research On Funding a New Small Business (Research Paper Sample)


Option #1: Funding a New Small Business
Initial Review (10 points):
By the end of Module 1, post any questions about the content or requirement of the Portfolio assignment to the questions thread. If you have no questions, acknowledge that you have read the assignment by selecting which Portfolio Project you will do and post it to the Module 1 Critical Thinking Assignment in the posts section.
First Draft (20 points):
You will be required to submit a draft of your proposed Portfolio Project by the end of Module 5. It must be at least 4 pages or 4 slides in length in a Word or PowerPoint document, with an additional bibliographic list, properly APA-formatted, of the sources for that project. Additionally, you will be expected to account for the instructor's feedback in the final version of the assignment.
In Module 8 you complete your Portfolio assignment. In it, develop a plan to approach an angel investor for funding a new small business. Include at a minimum the following:
an elevator speech
pertinent business plan information for large capital asset requirements
a determination of how much capital the company will need, and time frame
your reasoning and strategy for attracting venture capital from angel investors
government aid available
a valuation of the small business
an evaluation of legal issues such as the types of ownership, liabilities, and compliance with laws
an accounting of how you applied the instructor's feedback from your draft submitted in Module 5
Present your information in at least an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation with notes plus title and reference slides, or 8-page Word document plus title page, abstract, and reference page. Whichever method you choose, cite at least 4 outside resources (.org and .com sites are not to be used, but books, journal articles, .edu and .gov sites should be considered as possible avenues for resource materials) in addition to the course text and materials you studied in Modules 1-7, including feasibility analyses, business plans, and valuation of the business.
Be sure that you have all of the necessary components as set forth in the Portfolio Project rubric. Spend time to assure that the formatting complies with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA, and thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final product. This, and all other course Portfolio Projects, will become an important part of your individual Program Portfolio.
You should begin to consider your Portfolio Project in Module 1. Start an outline of the information you wish to discuss. As more material is covered in future modules, you can add to what you have started.
Here is a sample power point presentation that will provide you added guidance in creating your slide presentation for this assignment. Of special note is that all presentations need substantial speaker's notes inserted under each slide in the speaker's notes section. Good luck in creating a "high impact presentation" for your audience!


Funding a Small Business
Institutional Affiliation
Looking for finances for starting a business is a difficult task. The first step to starting an enterprise is always the hardest because it is at that time that the business owner starts to get experience and challenges involved in running a business. Raising capital has a great aftereffect on how the business will run and how the customers will relate to it as well. The initial costs involved in setting the business up are fundamental in asserting that the risk taken will be worth the trouble. The priorities involved in making the financial decisions are important to note ADDIN CSL_CITATION { "citationItems" : [ { "id" : "ITEM-1", "itemData" : { "DOI" : "10.1111/j.1540-627X.2007.00195.x", "ISBN" : "0047-2778 U6 - ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8&rfr_id=info:sid/", "ISSN" : "00472778", "abstract" : "U.S. commercial banks are increasingly using small business credit\u2010scoring models to underwrite small business credits. The paper discusses this lending technology, evaluates the research findings on the effects of this technology on small business credit availability, and links these findings to a number of research and policy issues.", "author" : [ { "dropping-particle" : "", "family" : "Berger", "given" : "Allen N.", "non-dropping-particle" : "", "parse-names" : false, "suffix" : "" }, { "dropping-particle" : "", "family" : "Frame", "given" : "W. Scott", "non-dropping-particle" : "", "parse-names" : false, "suffix" : "" } ], "container-title" : "Journal of Small Business Management", "id" : "ITEM-1", "issue" : "1", "issued" : { "date-parts" : [ [ "2007" ] ] }, "page" : "5-22", "title" : "Small business credit scoring and credit availability", "type" : "article", "volume" : "45" }, "uris" : [ "" ] } ], "mendeley" : { "formattedCitation" : "(Berger & Frame, 2007)", "plainTextFormattedCitation" : "(Berger & Frame, 2007)", "previouslyFormattedCitation" : "(Berger & Frame, 2007)" }, "properties" : { "noteIndex" : 0 }, "schema" : "" }(Berger & Frame, 2007). Managing the priorities are the most important things to consider when handling business matters. Misplacing the priorities may lead to the business becoming a failure in the process ADDIN CSL_CITATION { "citationItems" : [ { "id" : "ITEM-1", "itemData" : { "DOI" : "10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.12.016", "ISSN" : "01482963", "abstract" : "Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force of the whole economy. An analysis of the data collected during the interdisciplinary research in 2008-2012 on a sample of 345 entrepreneurs operating in Poland shows that a statistically significant correlation exists between the recitals that take up economic activities and the choice of the source of the initial capital. People who indicate financial motives often take up economic activities using their own funding resources, or loans, credits-the funds that they had originally earned or they will have to earn to pay in the future. The analysis shows that those showing non-financial motives have used non-refundable EU funds. The multidimensional scaling analysis of funding sources shows that people who i...

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