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Current Security Regulations for Air Cargo Operations (Research Paper Sample)


Write and submit a two to three page paper that addresses the following:
After researching air cargo security regulations (along with other safety and security topics) from the organizations and resources presented in this module, list and describe, what you believe to be, the three most important current security regulations for air cargo operations. List them in order of importance with the least important first and the most important last.
From what you have seen regarding the current state of security of air cargo management, list one area that you feel is being neglected from a regulatory standpoint and give one or more possible strategies to improve the situation.
Please have working URL for references.
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Current Security Regulations for Air Cargo Operations
Current Security Regulation for Air Cargo Operations
The air cargo system is susceptible to several security threats because it is a multi-faceted network, handling a vast amount of freight packages. The threats range from potential hijacking, sabotage, illegal shipment, and theft among others (Bart, 2007). There are several security regulations on air cargo; I believe the three most important current security regulations for air cargo needs to cover cargo screening and inspection, physical security of air cargo facilities and technology for air cargo security. Air cargo operations are capital intensive requiring proper development and investment in the right resources. To minimize the risks, cargo screening and inspection, employing security measures especially in physical operation when handling both flights and goods and using advanced technology is paramount (Bart,2007).
Screening and Inspection of Air Cargo
Screening and thorough inspection is important because of the volume of cargo to be processed, screening and inspection of air cargo is one of the effective means of detecting explosives, inflammable devices, and hazardous materials in air cargo (Bart, 20...
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