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Aviation Safety (Research Paper Sample)


Explain the issues of runway incursions and address some of the safety management challenges in mitigating these incursions.
Remember, you must have a title page, 300 word body written in 3rd person, and at least two references.


Runway Incursions
Runway Incursions
A runway incursion refers to an occurrence where an unauthorized vehicle, person or even an aircraft is found on the runway. This poses an adverse risk to the safety of the runway as there is a likelihood that an airplane that is taking off or landing can collide with such an object. In essence, runway incursions fall into four categories as identified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Category A refers to a serious occurrence where a collision is barely avoided. Category B is an event where separation reduces creating a situation where there is a significant likelihood of a collision, and this may lead to a vital corrective reaction to escape the collision. Category C is an event characterized by sufficient time or distance to prevent a collision. Category D is where there is the presence of a vehicle, person, or aircraft on the runway, but there are no direct safety consequences (Clarke, 2002).
There are three types of runway incursions, which include pilot deviations, operational incidents, and vehicle or pedestrians ...
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