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Controversies Surrounding Human Stem Cell Research (Research Paper Sample)


Human stem cells
consult resources other than the course textbook and this
study guide. Examples of resources include other textbooks,
journal articles, and reputable websites. Reputable online
sources include encyclopedias and university or governmen-
tal websites.
use Wikipedia as a source for a research
paper. Prepare a detailed report on the topic you choose, include the following elements
1. Describe the background and basic issue of your chosen
2. Describe the basic argument of opposing viewpoints.
3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both views.
4. Choose which view you agree with. (Only in the
5. Explain why you agree with that view.
Type your submission, double-spaced, in a Times New
Roman font, size 12. Use a standard document format
with 1-inch margins. (Do
use any fancy or cursive
2. Read the assignment carefully and address the topic
3. Be specific. Limit your submission to the topic sug-
4. Use proper APA formatting. Include in-text citations and
a reference page in APA style. On this page list websites,
journals, and all other references used in preparing the
submission. Also, include a cover page and in-text cita-
5. Proofread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling,
grammar, punctuation and capitalization.
Describes the basic issue of his or her chosen topic
Describes the basic argument of opposing viewpoints
Identifies strengths and weaknesses of both the pro and
con views
Chooses a view with which he or she agrees with. Use as many sources as needed
Explains why he or she agreed with the chosen view
(The conclusion is the only place “I” should be used in the paper)
tence structure
Stays focused on the assignment
Includes an introductory paragraph, a body with well-
defined paragraphs, and a clear conclusion
Uses his or her own words and uses quotations and cita-
tions and a reference page correctly. Use as many sources as needed


Omar Smith 22585392
Intro to biology SCI 120
A stem cell is an unspecialized organic cell that can multiply into similar cells indefinitely or differentiate into dedicated cells to produce specific organs. Scientists group them into embryonic and adult stem cells where they play the role of growth/development and tissue repair/regeneration respectively (Slack, 2012, 2). Pluripotent stem cells propagate themselves in laboratory cultures and grow into different types of distinct cells that play key functions in the body. They can specialize into the endoderm (internal tissues), mesoderm (internal organs) and ectoderm (external organs such as skin), making them a versatile raw material that can construct and deconstruct a body (Amit & Eldor, 2011, 91). In this essay, we consider the perspectives of the pro-adult stem cell research faction that considers adult stem cells as the legitimate frontier for research and speak against embryonic studies versus the pro-embryonic stem cell research faction who consider the human embryo as a valid vehicle for scientific studies.
Human stem cells are available in the body at various stages of growth from conception to birth through life and in numerous organs including the bone marrow, blood, umbilical cord, breast milk, amniotic fluid, etc. Embryos are also a rich source of stem cells due to their unique status as the primary construct from which the complex human organism grows. It is this possibility: the usage of embryos as sources of stem cells, which has recently raised controversy and ethical concerns among scientists and bioethicists in the research world. The usage of pluripotent stem cells that can differentiate into any of three types of cells (endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm) in research has raised questions and concerns among proponents and opponents of the methods involved (Kiessling & Anderson, 2003, 144).
Embryonic stem cells can grow ad infinitum in laboratory cultures and have the capability to differentiate into numerous cells that constitute body tissue. This has placed them at the center of research efforts to discover cures for various diseases. Proponents of embryonic stem cell research have several arguments in favor of the practices and procedures involved that necessarily lead to the destruction of embryos.
Some of the explanations of the pro-embryonic research faction express the view that embryos are not human life and stem cell research does not involve killing defenseless humans. This is in contrasts to pro-life activists who support adult human stem cell research. Proponents also contend that embryonic stem cells are of a higher quality and more numerous in embryos due to the robust growth at this stage, compared to adult stem cells. Generally, the two primary arguments that proponents prefer advance are considerations of embryos as not humans and the usefulness of stem cells for research efforts (Suarez & Huarte, 2011, 26).
Proponents of embryonic stem cell research have efficiency and quality on their side. Not only are embryonic stem cells more efficient to work with in research, they are more numerous and malleable than adult stem calls, giving scientists an easier time when it co

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