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Bus520 Discussion Post: The Use of Z-test (Reaction Paper Sample)


Respond to posts. Your response should be substantive and further the discussion. It is OK to be critical and use critical thinking. That means you can question what your classmates say. Do they provide their own critical thinking and logic? See attachment.
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Bus520 Discussion Post
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Bus520 Discussion Post
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Based on the hypothesis stated above, Frank’s post should have elaborated on the use of Z-test as the sample size exceeds 30. Additionally, the descriptive statistics, such as mean, standard deviation, and variance should have included sample and population mean. The two means should have a significant difference signifying they are not equal, thus satisfying the alternative hypothesis. Notably, the sample would not be a representation of the parent population. The descriptive statistics involved would be to get the exact p-value for the sample data (Ko, Hung, Chang, & Lin, 2014, p. 27). As a result, the comparison between the given level of significance 0.05 would be against the resulting p-value. In the case that the p-value exceeds 0.

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