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Fiscal And Monetary Policy: Economic Problems (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Fiscal and Monetary Policy
S5: Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Essential Questions:
1. To what extent is government capable of addressing economic problems?
Task:​ You are campaigning to be president of the United States. You need to prove to the voters that you are the right choice to lead the economy. You can choose to create a TV ad campaign, or a social media campaign.

Skill:​ Your next skill goal will be the synthesis of evidence. You will learn how to look at the information you have collected through research, and make claims based on the collection of evidence. You will continue to develop and strengthen your comprehension skills, ability to analyze evidence, ability to break down an essential question, and your research skills.

F5: Essential Question Breakdown and Previous Knowledge
You need to break down our essential question: To what extent is the government capable of addressing economic problems?
1. Identify and explain 3 economic concepts from previous units that you could use to answer this question.
Choose from the concepts in the table below
Economic Concept
Explanation for how concept will help you answer the essential question
Economic Concept; Explanation for how concept will help you answer the essential question; Growth; The ability to increase the production of goods and service is growth, and sustained growth reduces unemployment; Free Market Economy; The government is a business enabler, and in free market economics the market conditions are determined by demand and supply, as there is self-regulation; Economic performance indicators unemployment; Unemployment indicates the well-being of an economy and measures economic performance;
2. Create 3 fact-based questions that you would need to answer first before answering the essential question.

Question #1

How do government expenditures and taxes influence economic growth?

Question #2

Does transition to free market economy free from government influence spur economic growth?

Question #3

How does government intervention or lack thereof affect unemployment rates and market efficiency? Essential Question To what extent is the government capable of addressing economic problems?
F5: Essential Question and Previous Knowledge Rubric
F5: Research and Relevance
Use the list of sources provided to research specific U.S. government economic policies.
Choose two of the following policies to research:
1. Reevaluation of NAFTA
2. Dodd-Frank Wal Street Reform Act
3. TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout of automakers
4. ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) of 2009
5. Affordable Care Act
6. 2010 Tax Cuts
You must do the following with your research:
1. Explain (in your own words) the economic policy.
2. Analyze whether or not the policy had positive or negative effects on the economy.
3. Cite your sources in MLA format.
Choice of Economic Policy #1 ;TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout of automakers; Explanation of Policy; TARP bailed out banks and the auto industry, and while troubled assets are mortgages and instruments based on mortgages and other financial instruments TARP relief was extended to n automakers through bailouts.

Analysis; There were two opposing views about TARP, that it was necessary to avert the collapse of the auto industry , regional and national economies, and the other viewpoint is that the federal government ought not to have intervened in capitalist system that is self-regulating. While TARP helped avert the collapse of the auto industry, reorganization would have efficiency and competition ...

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