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MGMT 301 SP20. Huntsman Corporation Information Project (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


plz follow the sample and use exact same format to finish the project
And all resources should be dound on psu library and company website
eg a. Clothing is the company’s major line of business. (Mergent Intellect)
u can search on google "Mergent Intellect psu" to get to correct place to search
My comoany is Fortune 500 Company: HUNTSMAN The Woodlands, Texas


MGMT 301 SP20 Business Information Project: 
Company and Industry Research/Analysis
Deliverable: 2-3 Page Report Written in Your Own Words
Overview: The Business Information Project is designed to introduce you to authoritative business information sources and connect you to Penn State “Research Consultants” housed in Penn State’s University Libraries system.
Project: Every MGMT 301 student has been assigned a unique Fortune 500 company to research and analyze. The project first entails your learning to access information from selected web and database resources. Second, you will compile your information and write, in your own words, a 2-3 page report (no fewer than 2 and no more than 3 pages), based on the information in these guidelines. Third, you will submit that report as either a .doc or a .docx file via the Business Information Project assignment in Canvas (in your MGMT 301 course). 
Due Date and Submission: The table below details each team’s assignment submission window (each team will have three full weeks to complete this project; late submission = zero points for this assignment). You are assigned to teams only in that this is how the class is divided to stagger start and end dates for this project; this is NOT a team project. All students must work only with their individually assigned Fortune 500 company and must submit individual projects. You must upload your file via the Canvas assignment as noted in these guidelines; do NOT copy/paste your document’s text into the assignment’s comments box, and do NOT email your project to anyone on the Teaching Team or the Research Consultants. Any file type other than .doc or .docx will not be accepted (you will receive an error message from Canvas if you try to upload any other file type in the assignment). If you do not use Microsoft Word and do not know how to save your document as a .doc or .docx file, you may wish to visit one of Penn State’s IT Service Desk locations for technical help well in advance of the due date in order to learn how to submit an acceptable file. You are responsible for being able to submit your project properly.
*Note: Any project not submitted according to these guidelines during the appropriate assignment submission window will earn a grade of zero. Waiting until the end of the final day of your assignment submission window is taking a significant risk; “technical difficulties” are NOT an acceptable reason for failing to submit your project properly and on time.
Your Team and Company Assignments
Team Assignments: By the end of the day on January 17, MGMT 301 students will receive notification from the course manager of their assigned team and a reminder about the project dates listed above.
Company Assignments: The Friday before your team’s assignment submission window opens, you’ll receive notification of your assigned company. You must work with only the company assigned to you. 
40 Points: The Teaching Team will grade your submitted report with 40 points for excellent work, 20–39 points for less-excellent work or 0 points for unsatisfactory work or work not submitted properly (see grading rubric in these guidelines).
10 Points: After you have received your company assignment, attend a small-group (up to 8 students) Orientation to Business Information session with Research Consultants during your team’s assignment submission window (see “Orientation to Business Information Session with Research Consultants” in these guidelines).
Orientation to Business Information Session with Research Consultants
What: During this small-group orientation session, the Research Consultants will provide critical guidance to help you and other MGMT 301 students get started on the Business Information Project.
Where: Orientation sessions will be held in the Schreyer Business Library (3rd Floor of Paterno Library), in the Business Commons. 
How to Schedule: After you have received your company assignment, reserve a seat online at After reserving your spot in an orientation session, check your email for a confirmation email from “Smeal College of Business.” Reservations must be scheduled at least 90 minutes in advance. Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so via the registration system: Avoid "no-show" penalties by cancelling at least 60 minutes in advance. 
Late policy: Sessions will begin promptly at the designated time. The Research Consultants may refuse to admit you if you arrive after the session is underway, and they will record you as a “no-show.” If this happens, you must schedule and attend a different orientation session to gain valuable information from the Research Consultants and to earn points.
To Earn the 10 Points: You are responsible for arriving at your meeting before it starts, staying for the entire session and being fully prepared for the session: familiarize yourself with these guidelines PRIOR to meeting with the Research Consultants; and bring to your meeting a copy of these guidelines, your company assignment, any research you already have done and your thoughtful questions regarding your assigned company or the resources to be used in your research. In addition, YOU MUST BRING YOUR PENN STATE STUDENT ID CARD TO YOUR MEETING IN ORDER TO EARN CREDIT FOR ATTENDING.
Walk-In Consultations with Research Consultants: On the final day of each team’s project submission window (the project’s due date), no orientation sessions will be scheduled. However, the Research Consultants will be available in the Business Commons from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for walk-in consultations. No points will be connected with any Research Consultant visits on the project due date Fridays (you must schedule in advance and attend an orientation session as described above to earn the 10 Research Consultant points).
Research Consultants’ Role as it Relates to This Project: The Research Consultants will orient you to the sources you will need to complete this project and answer questions related to those sources and your research. The Research Consultants will not read, edit or grade your project, and they are not responsible for or associated with the grading rubric; do NOT submit your project to a Research Consultant. 
Your Project Assignment: Fortune 500 Company and Industry Research/AnalysisYou are a management consultant, and your client is a Fortune 500 company that depends on authoritative business information to make decisions. You have been hired to research and write a report on the assigned Fortune 500 company, its industry and current and relevant news, with the goal of identifying their core benefit proposition. You will complete the report by using the following business resources to answer all of the questions in the prescribed template under “Your Project Deliverable” below.
The Research Consultants have identified the following authoritative business information sources for you to use in this report. Only use the sources listed below and use at least three of these seven sources to complete your report. You may use more than three of these sources, but you may not use any source that is not listed below. Indicate which source or sources you used to answer each question; see the sample project in these guidelines for examples of how to indicate sources for this report (no formal citations are required for this assignment). 
Mergent Intellect (primarily company information, limited industry information and news; authored by third party)
Mergent Online (primarily company information, limited industry information; authored by third party)
Your Assigned Company’s Website (company information; authored by company)
10-K report (public company information annually reported to United States Securities and Exchange Commission; authored by company)
IBIS World (primarily industry information, limited company information; authored by third party)
ABI/Inform (full-text news articles on companies, industries and other business topics; published by news organizations)
Business Source Premier (full-text news articles on companies, industries and other business topics; published by news organizations)
Your Project Deliverable: Fortune 500 Company Report (formatted as shown in the sample project in these guidelines; use complete sentences throughout, not bullet points)
1. Company Information: Find out key details about your assigned company.
a. What is your assigned company's major line of business?
b. What is your assigned company's vision, mission or core values?
c. How many people does your assigned company employ? When was your assigned company founded?
d. Is your assigned company global or does it only operate in the United States? List the countries or regions your assigned company operates in.
e. Is your assigned company public or private?
f. Who is your assigned company’s current CEO? How long have they been the CEO of your assigned company?
g. Who are considered the top three competitors to your assigned company?
h. What new developments is your assigned company involved in? For example, this could include any new products or services, expansion plans or an innovation.
i. Who buys your assigned company’s products or services?  Based on this, would you classify your assigned company as being B2B, B2C or a hybrid?
j. What is your assigned company’s current (2019) Fortune 500 rank?
2. Industry Information: Research the primary industry in which your assigned company competes.
a. What is the primary industry your assigned company does business in?
b. What are the major markets in the industry? What is the major market segmentation?
c. What are some trends in the industry?
d. What is the projected growth for the industry? How would you describe the outlook for the industry?
e. Based on your research, what are potential opportunities for your assigned company in this industry? What are potential threats?
3. News:  Track current news regarding your assigned company and/or industry.
a. Find a recent article (published in 2017–2020) about your company or industry that discusses trends, innovations or MGMT 301 class topics. Summarize the article in your own words (a few sentences).
4. Core Benefit Proposition:
a. Given your analysis, can you identify the core reason a consumer or business would give your assigned company their money instead of another company in this industry? What is your assigned company’s competitive advantage over other companies?
5. Leadership Competencies for Corporations: In this section of your paper, you will seek to understand four major leadership competencies critical to the success of any company: Environmental Sustainability, Social Impact in Communities, Diversity & Inclusion and Ethical Practices. Most large companies have an environmental & social impact report where you will find relevant information. This report will have a name such as “sustainability,” “corporate social responsibility,” “citizenship,” “social responsibility,” “responsibility,” etc. Regardless of the term used, all cover the same social and environmental topics; you may find Diversity& Inclusion and Ethical Practices on separate pages on the company website. 
For this section, start with the Starbucks website,, to compare the practices of Starbucks with your assigned company’s, and address the following topics. For each leadership competency, if your assigned company does not engage in or report on these activities, you must discuss how Starbucks covers the topic and how your assigned company might improve its efforts in that area.
a. Environmental Sustainability: What are some of the environmental best practice activities of Starbucks and your assigned company? Report on what Starbucks and your assigned company are doing in this space (start by considering energy, water and waste practices). 
b. Social Impact in Communities: Here, you will explore and report on what Starbucks and your assigned company are doing to have positive impacts on the communities they work in. Do they give back (money, time, goods)? Do they support specific non-profit causes (for example, literacy among the young or giving back to help survivors of cancer)?
c. Diversity & Inclusion: What initiatives do Starbucks and your assigned company have to reach out to people from all backgrounds? Think recruiting, creating opportunity for groups within the company, engaging their customers or suppliers. You may find this information on a separate section of your assigned company’s website (search both company websites for “diversity”).
d. Ethical Practices: Companies have legal and moral responsibilities to all stakeholders (groups they impact, such as employees and customers). Using the Starbucks website and your assigned company’s website, report on their overall approaches to ethics. Additionally, find the corporate Code of Conduct (a document that showcases the company’s values) and report on one element from the Code’s Table of Contents (search both company websites for “ethics” or “code of conduct”).----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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MGMT 301 SP20 Business Information Project Grading Rubric
Sample Project
 MGMT 301 SP20 Business Information Project Grading Rubric
We will use the following grading guidelines for the Business Information Project.
Paper Mechanics (worth 10 of the 40 points):
1. A typed, electronic document formatted as shown in the sample project (single-spaced, 0 pt. between lines); must be either .doc or .docx 
2. 2-3 Pages (no fewer than 2 full pages, and no more than 3 full pages)
3. Margins on all 4 sides: 1”
4. Type: 12-point font; Times New Roman or Calibri
5. Title: “Business Information Project – MGMT 301 SP20”
6. Your name
7. Your assigned company
8. Your assigned company’s website address
9. BOLD headings for each required section as shown in the sample project in these guidelines
10. Clearly noted source citations as shown in the sample project in these guidelines (formal citations not required)
11. Edited for spelling, grammar and word choices (poorly written = lower grade)
Full Credit: 40 Points
- All questions within all five sections of the assignment are answered thoroughly and in your own words, using complete sentences
- All paper mechanics are followed (see “Paper Mechanics” above)
- Well written (spelling, grammar, word choice – see “Paper Mechanics” above)
- Source citations provided as shown in the sample project in these guidelines
Partial Credit: 20–39 Points
- Missing one or more sections or missing any element within one or more sections
- Missing or incorrect paper mechanics (see “Paper Mechanics” above)
- Poorly written (spelling, grammar, word choice – see “Paper Mechanics” above) 
- Missing source citations
Zero Credit: 0 Points
- File not successfully submitted via the Canvas assignment by the deadline
- File emailed to Teaching Team or Research Consultants instead of submitted via the Canvas assignment
- Unacceptable file type or unreadable file submitted
- Submission is irrelevant and unrelated to class or company
- Submission addresses few of the protocols in this assignment
- Any amount of plagiarism from any source; do not copy/paste from company or other sites without properly citing material
MGMT 301 SP20 Business Information Sample Project
The sample project below is offered as a guide. If you like, download or copy/paste into a new document to begin writing, in your own words, about your assigned company, but remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your 2–3 page submitted report meets all paper mechanics and content requirements detailed in these guidelines (e.g., margins may default to your device’s settings when you download or copy/paste from this document, so confirm all of your document’s mechanics and content before submitting; pay attention to details like headers/footers as well to ensure that your submission reflects your work on this project). 
Business Information Project – MGMT 301 SP20
Name: Sample Student
Fortune 500 Company: Gap Inc.
Company Website:
1. Company Information
a. Clothing is the company’s major line of business. (Mergent Intellect)
b. Gap Inc.’s vision is to make it easier to find a pair of jeans and a commitment to do more. Their core values are diversity, inclusion, innovation, growth, global sustainability, and commitment to equal pay. (Company website)
c. Gap Inc. employs 135,000 as of fiscal year-end 2018 and was founded in 1969. (10-K)
d. The company is global. It mainly operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Japan, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mexico. (10-K)
e. The company is public. (Mergent Intellect)
f. Arthur Peck is the current CEO of Gap Inc. and has been in this position for 3 years, starting in February 2015. (Mergent Intellect, 10-K, Company website)
g. The top three competitors are TJX Companies (TJ Maxx, Marshalls), American Eagle Outfitters, and J. Crew. (IBISWorld, Mergent Intellect)
h. In September 2018, Gap Inc. introduced Preferred Fibers Scorecard and Toolkit in order to provide product developers with a better understanding of the sustainability impact that fibers have on the environment. (Company website)
i. Gap Inc. provides products to consumers, so it is considered a B2C. (Company website, 10-K)
j. Gap Inc.’s ranking on the Fortune 500 is 186 as of May 2019. (Mergent Intellect)
2. Industry Information
a. The company’s primary industry is Family Clothing Stores (NAICS Code 448140). (Mergent Intellect)
b. The major markets in the Family Clothing Stores industry are consumers of various ages. The largest market segment is Consumers aged 45 to 64 (38.9%), followed closely by Consumers aged 25 to 44 (38.8%). The remaining major market segments are Consumers aged 24 and younger (11.5%) and Consumers aged 65 and older (10.8%). (IBISWorld)
c. A major trend in this industry involves attracting teenage shoppers. Younger customers are interested in buying smartphones and video game consoles. Family clothing stores are struggling tapping into this market but are attempting to attract some teenage shoppers with discounts, online options, and fast fashion. The outlook for the industry looks promising since they are capturing more of the younger market with their efforts. (IBISWorld)
d. The projected growth of the Family Clothing Stores industry is 0.6% for 2019-2024. The industry outlook is positive overall since disposable income is expected to increase and people will have money they can spend on new clothes if they want. (IBISWorld)
e. Demographic trends are bringing new opportunities to the Family Clothing Stores industry. More women are waiting to have children until after they have established careers, which allows them to be more financially stable and thus more likely to purchase more expensive items for themselves or children. This provides an opportunity for Family Clothing Stores industry players to focus on high-end, brand-name products for this group of customers. A threat to the industry comes from clothing stores that specialize in just men’s, women’s or children’s apparel. Family Clothing Stores will need to focus on predicting consumer preferences in order to meet customers’ needs as agilely as specialty stores. (IBISWorld) 
3. News
a. A Wall Street Journal article reports that Gap Inc. is struggling to revive its flagship brand Gap. Comparable sales for Gap dropped 5% in the most recent quarter, causing shares to drop 6.6% in after-hours trading. Art Peck, the CEO, says this is unacceptable and the worst is behind Gap Inc. with their attempt to remodel stores. This attempt has currently been increasing sales according to Peck. (ABI/INFORM)
4. Core Benefit Proposition
a. The core reason for consumers to flock to Gap Inc. rather than its competitors is its recognized brand. Gap Inc. has been around since 1969 and has been well-known for their casual wear and quality of clothing. Having a reputable brand that consistently delivers whatever the consumer wants is challenging to uphold, but Gap Inc. has been doing so for years, making this a significant competitive advantage over other companies. (IBISWorld, Company website)
5. Leadership Competencies for Corporations
a. Environmental Sustainability: Gap Inc. aims to reduce waste from landfills, reduce greenhouse gases from the air, and provide clean, safe water for women all over the world. Each example proves Gap Inc.’s initiatives that show the company’s interest and best practices in environmental sustainability. Starbucks also has a strong focus on environmental sustainability but puts emphasis on different practices since it is in a different industry. For example, Starbucks highlights efforts to develop cups that are more recyclable, and build stores that are powered by renewable energy and incorporate other green building design features. (Company website)
b. Social Impact in Communities: Gap Inc. and Starbucks both participate in a variety of activities that have a positive impact on their communities. For example, Gap Inc.’s employees are very engaged in volunteer activities and giving back to their communities. Gap Inc. volunteered over 900,000 hours in 2015 and 2016. It also delivered over $30 million in employee-driven community investments in 2015 and 2016. Starbucks has numerous examples of social impact in communities, including a career mentorship program for youth 16 years and older, the College Achievement Plan to fund bachelor’s degrees for Starbucks employees, the Global Farmer Fund to provide financial assistance to coffee farmers, and partnerships with refugee resettlement agencies. (Company website)
c. Diversity & Inclusion: Gap Inc. is focused on developing equality within its workforce and offers resources such as the Diversity + Inclusion Training Curriculum, Unconscious Bias Training, a mentoring program, and internal networking groups of employees from diverse backgrounds. Starbucks has similar networks within its organization and also provides an inclusive working environment by supporting heath care benefits for part-time and full-time employees and their partners.
d. Ethical Practices: Gap Inc. strives to operate according to ethical business standards and improve value and integrity for all stakeholders. The company was recognized for its efforts when it was named a World’s Most Ethical Company for nine years in a row through 2015. Starbucks has also been recognized as a World’s Most Ethical Company, most recently in 2018 for the twelfth year in a row. Gap Inc. has a Code of Business Conduct that explains how employees can make ethical decisions in their daily business practice. One element featured in this document is conflicts of interest, which covers giving and accepting gifts, handling personal relationships at work, and the key situations to avoid to ensure ethical conduct in the workplace. Starbucks also has a Standards of Business Conduct to help with day-to-day decision-making and demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility. The Standards of Business Conduct includes a workflow for making ethical decisions and includes Q&A’s in several sections to illustrate and address ethical problems that may be encountered in the workplace.


Huntsman Corporation Information Project
1 Company Information
* The company, which was founded in 1970 specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of chemical products. Its ability to provide differentiated and specialty chemicals have helped the firm reach revenues of about $9 billion. On February 21st, 2020, the company’s stock price closed at $20.90 (Company’s Website).
* The company’s mission comprises a couple of elements. First, the company seeks to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner through the use of safe, clean, and efficient facilities. Another aspect is a relentless effort towards a working environment that fosters open communication, accountability, innovation, and teamwork. Finally, the company aims to integrate an aggressive growth philosophy that optimizes profits amidst great business policies. The company's vision statement is "to be recognized as a highly responsible chemical company with a record of successful product stewardship performance for all to see" (Company’s Website).
* Huntsman Corporation spearheads its operations in the thirty countries where they have a dominant presence and with about 10,000 employees (Company’s Website).

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