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Gun Violence Prevention in United States (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please read the topic file carefully. I think it asks what you think and then answer all of the questions that list below.
This is a one-page memo and it is single space. There is a file about WRONG format just for your information. Please read the Topic for memo#3 file and notice what it ask for and choose one idea to describe. By the way, this course is about business and society, try to think in that way. There is no required sources, but if you need, it's okay to use and remember to cite the source in the next page. Thank you.


To: whom it may concerned
From: [XYZ]
Date: ABC
Subject: Gun Violence Prevention
School shootings have become common in the past 20 years across the globe. The gun violence epidemic in United States in the form of firearm suicides, unintentional discharges, assaults, homicides as well as mass shooting had adversely affected the schools in the country (Malina., et al., 175). The failure of the governmental bodies to address the root causes of the gun violence in the schools from different dimensions reflected enduring consequences for millions of children in the country. Thus, there is a need to devise an innovative solution to prevent gun violence in the schools in United States and provide secure environment to the children.
This memo report aims to devise a business solution to the gun violence in United States. It emphasizes on the approaches are most effective in preventing the gun violence in schools.
According to the statistics, there have been 405 incidents of gunfire from the years 2013 to 2018 on the school grounds. Among these incidents, 260 of the incidents occurred on the grounds of the high, middle and elementary schools leading to 109 deaths as well as 219 injuries (Pah., et al). Majority of these incidents pertain to mass shooting, assaults and homicides. The advocates of the gun control contend that the only way to prevent the mass shooting is to keep the weapons away from the mentally unstable people and from individuals holding criminal records as well as positive inclination towards the terrorist groups. On the other hand, people also argue that mass shootings can be prevented by placing restrictions

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