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This is a philosophy discussion boad Literature & Language (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write at least 4-6 sentences each. Please, the response will be graded on
its thoughtfulness, thoroughness and detail


Philosophy Discussion board

Question 1

You and your group crash on deserted island with no hope of rescue.

•How would you proceed to organize yourselves?

–Food, water, shelter?

–Rules / punishment?

–Who's in charge? Why them?

–What threats do you face?

Are those threats natural or man-made?


Question 2

Do you alwaysfollow the rules?

•What keeps you from breaking rules?

•If you knew with 100% certainty you could get away with breaking a rule, would you still follow?

What sorts of rules would you break


Philosophy Discussion board
Question 1
The way we proceed to organize ourselves depends on the number of people in the group; with five members or less, it would be easy to agree on the way forward. However, with many people, rules or punishment decided upon by a leader or a committee elected democratically would be necessary to survive in the deserted island. With leadership being sorted, the group can split into three groups: one to use materials from island and the plane/ship to set up shelter, another to navigate the island to find a source of freshwater, and the final group to find food through hunting and fishing

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