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Discussion Board Creative Writing Research Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Discussion board 4:
Juvenile Sentencing
2 paragraphs ( About 20 sentences)

8.2 Discussion Board 4: Juvenile Sentencing Discussion board 4- Juvenile sentencingGood day counsellors!
Argument is an objective conversation that surrounds an issue that has more than one viewpoint (sides). In order to enter into an argument, we must be informed about the other arguments that surround the issue. To identify an author’s argument, we must identify his or her position, identify the main points (sub-issues), and understand why the author feels the way he or she does. To respond to an argument, we must be objective and consider evidence in order to justify our own reasoning,
In this discussion board, we will consider the argument that surrounds the issue, and present our stance on the following question and explain a fewT reasons why:
Should juveniles who have been convicted of murder be sentenced to adult prisons? Why or why not?
Assignment: 3 steps
1) Paragraph 1: (8-10 sentences) After reading: 'Little Adult Criminals” and 'Adult Crime, Adult Time*. In your own words* analyze and explain the argument presented in both articles.
2) Paragraph 2: (8-15 sentences) Present your position on the topic. Should juveniles who have been convicted of murder be sentenced to adult prisons? Why or why not?
Consider the following concepts before entering voicing position and be sure to specify age groups if needed:
A. Culpability : Are juveniles who have committed murder truly responsible for their crimes? Do they know right from wrong? Do they understand the severity of their crimes?
B. Rehabilitation: Are juveniles who have been convicted of murder able to be treated and released successfully and safely back into society?
C. Recidivism: What are the chances that a juvenile who have been convicted of murder will re-offend if released from a juvenile detention facility? What about an adult prison?
3) Confer with your fellow classmates? Please respond to one classmate to complete the assignment.


Juvenile Sentencing
From the two articles, there is a consistent opinion that the current juvenile sentencing involves quite violent crimes. While it is a requirement that the juniors receive treatment as children, thus requiring rehabilitation instead of adult punishment, the nature of the crimes is too violent or too harsh on the victims. For instance, consider the case of Lionel Tate, who at the age of 13 years beats to death a six-year-old playmate or Nathaniel Brazill, who and killed his teacher at the age of 14 years. Both are serving first-degree murder and second-degree murder sentences, respectively (New York Times). There is a high probability that in their actions, they do not fully understand the consequences and cannot genuinely control their impulses to make the most rational choice for decision. 
In relation to culpability, the role of juvenile sentencing should underscore an adult court's requirement such that the processing of criminals at the junior level should serve as a s

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