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Young People Marry Later Than Previous People (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Just write a paragraph about three reasons why young people marry later than previous people. Find one article online and use statistics from it, and list the source after the paragraph in MLA format.


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Young People Marry Later than Previous People
According to Fry, Igielnik, and Patten (2018) from the Pew Research Center, there is a big difference between the young people of today and their grandparents. The young people or millennials have almost completely altered how life used to be. One major change is when they choose to marry because data shows that a significant percentage of them decide to tie the knot when they are a little older. This is indeed one notable issue that helps to distinguish between the young people of today and those of 50 years ago. According to the research by Fry (2018) and his colleagues, “in 1965, the typical American woman first married at age 21, and the typical man wed at 23.” However, the article continues to state that “by 2017, those figures climbed to 27 for women and 29.5 for men.” this is a big change and while the circumstances have changed, differences of 4 and 6.5 years are still quite significant. One important question, however, is why are the young people opting to marry later in their life. Below is a comprehensive answer to the above question.
One of the major reasons why young people marry later in life is because unlike before, young women are currently employed or are busy building their careers. Statistics from Fry, Igielnik, and Patten's (2018) article indicate that a whopping 58% of young women in the past were unemployed while only 40% were employed. “Today, 71% of young millennial women are employed, while 26% are no

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