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Personal Statement for College Admission Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I have to write a personal statement for multiple college transfer applications. To tell you my story, I have been struggling with classes and it hasn't always been the best for my scenario. As a result, my gpa has dropped significantly and I hope to perform better in the future after my acceptance. I would like you to point that out in the personal statement. I will attach my resume for my previous achievements. Please do the best you can as it is very important to me. Thank you in advance.
please focus on why you want to get into "name" college and show sincerity. I would like to make this statement become easily interchangable to multiple colleges so I would appreciate if you could point out where I can just change the name of the college. Thanks so much.


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Personal Statement for College Admission
I have always felt as if my life is a mysterious journey, where I tend to rise beyond my academic expectations and sometimes I am faced with dynamic challenges that appear confusing, critical, and stressful to tackle. To reach where I am, I have abstained from relying on predetermined concepts, and always analyzed issues from a holistic perspective. Accounting has been one of the most important courses that have helped me more than anything else. My accounting teacher once told me that I should learn strategies about differentiating facts from fictions, and that substantive solution can only be found if people agree on the holistic aspects of numbers. Probably the most appropriate advice I have ever received was from my father, who said that every person is a trustee of the world he inherits, and it is up to him to make the changes he aspires.
Ever since graduating from high school, I have always had this passion of furthering my education at (NAME COLLEGE), which is a prestigious institution of higher learning. Not only is my passion inspired by what the college has to offer, but by the multiple opportunities that will augment my previous achievements. I can say that my thirst for finance and business-related courses are intrinsic, having been born in a family that has historically engaged in diverse business ventures. This is the main reason why my objective is to join the finance department once I obtain a degree in finance. I have gone through numerous ups and downs, encountering diverse gimmicks that have enabled me to grow both academically and professionally.
Graduating from high school and joining college was not a ride in the park, taking into consideration the numerous accounting and mathematics lessons that I had to take in combination with other extracurricular activities. All these lessons and activities made me struggle with classes and this made my Grade Point Average (GPA) to dro

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