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Management and prevention of Diabetes Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


500 to 750 word PICOT statement paper for a BSN program. Idea is to provide education to nursing staff of the Progressive Care Unit and Neuro-Tele Unit of a local community hospital.


Submit a summary of your articles on the discussion board.  Discuss the strength and one weakness to each of six articles.


McClinchy, J. (2018, May). Dietary management of older people with diabetes. Retrieved February 5, 2020


Summary:  This article addresses evidence-based nutrition guidelines for preventing and managing diabetes.


Strength:  Addresses the older people with type II diabetes who often suffer from malnutrition.


Weakness:  Does not address the young generation or the children with type I diabetes.


This article was good at obtaining nutritional recommendations, but does not provide the information for my practice change.




Stetson, B., Minges, K. E., & Richardson, C. R. (2016, October 14). New directions for diabetes prevention and management in behavioral medicine.


Summary:  The article talks about new technologies for better self-management of diabetes.


Strength:  New monitors are less invasive, more accurate, and work more efficiently around the clock to monitor blood sugar.


Weakness:  The cost of the new technology devices is prohibitive for many patients.  Further research is needed to ensure precautions against data hacking.


This article was good at describing the new technology and monitoring devices used for controlling diabetes which nurses need to learn about and teach their patients and may provide me with some information for my practice change.




 A systematic search and qualitative review of reporting bias of lifestyle interventions in randomized controls trials of diabetes prevention and management.

(2018, September 17). 


Summary:  This was a study of a random electronic search of records published between 2007-2016 of adults with type II diabetes and a 12 month follow up focusing on lifestyle interventions.


Strength:  Weight loss was determined to lead the list of diabetes management and prevention recommendations.


Weakness:  The study suggests that even in carefully designed RCT’s there is a certain bias regarding obesity, weight loss, and diabetes prevention.


The article was good at describing lifestyle changes to benefit managing and preventing diabetes, but it does not provide data showing the impact of my practice change on diabetics.




 Nursing Perspectives and The Advanced Technologies In Diabetes Management. (2018, April 1).


Summary:  The article discusses the need for nurses to update themselves on the latest innovations available for diabetes’ control.


Weakness:  Some innovations such as the insulin pump and the continuous glucose monitoring system still require more scientific research studies.


The article had some good ideas for nurses to implement into their diabetic patient teaching, it may contain some data for my practice change.




 Management of type 2 diabetes: now and the future. (2019, September 1).


Summary:  The article discusses the different medications used to treat type II diabetes along with lifestyle modifications.


Strength:  Recommends metformin as the first-line drug for management of type II diabetes.


Weakness:  Patient preference and cost effectiveness of medication can be a determining treatment factor.


This article was good at describing different drug treatment options for treating diabetes, but did not show data about how nursing education would benefit patients.  It did not provide information on my practice change.




Diabetes Management and Future Trends. Retrieved. (2016)


Summary:  The article discusses treatment plans that include both oral medications and lifestyle changes.


Strength: Education is occurring at all levels, from educating children about healthy eating a staying active, to raising awareness in adults about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Weakness:  Patients must buy-into their treatment plan limiting carbohydrates, exercise, and medication which is difficult for many older adults.


The article talks about educating patients about managing and preventing diabetes.  It should help me with my practice change project.


Capstone Topic Summary


                The topic I would like to use for my evidence-based capstone project is the managing and prevention of diabetes.  This subject is close to my heart because both my father and my husband are type II insulin dependent diabetics.  We live in the state of Florida where the largest portion of the community are senior citizens over the age of 65.  I would like to proceed with an idea to help the diabetics in my community live longer, healthier, happier lives; as well as helping the upcoming younger generation learn to live a lifestyle that will help to keep them from developing diabetes in the first place.

                More and more of the younger generation are overweight due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits.  Both my husband and my father have been overweight since childhood due to their poor diets and distaste for exercise leading them to become diabetics even before the age of 65.  Obesity in adults causes numerous other health issues such as coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, some cancers, and early death.  Obesity increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 12.7 times in women and 5.2 times in men (Capehorn, 2017).



Capehorn, M. (2017). Lifestyle advice and management of obesity in diabetes. Retrieved February 5, 2020, from
















PICOT Statement on Management and Prevention of Diabetes
Students Name
Institutional Affiliation

the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) and Neuro-Telemetry Unit of a community acute inpatient hospital


educating the nursing staff on the importance of managing patient’s diabetes in an effort to prevent further complications associated with the disease.


Complications that diabetic patients get from poor healthcare.


Reduction in the health conditions caused by poor healthcare on diabetic patients


One-month follow-up

Can educating the nursing staff of the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) and Neuro-Telemetry Unit of a community acute inpatient hospital prevent further complications associated with poor management of diabetes in a month?
Diabetes is one of the leading lifestyle health conditions in the US. In most cases, the disease affects individuals above the age of 55years. Obesity in adults causes numerous other health issues such as coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, some cancers, and early death. Obesity increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 12.7 times in women and 5.2 times in men (Capehorn, 2017). Therefore, this calls for the need to educate the nurses on the current treatment methods and technology that can be used to improve the quality of healthcare accorded to diabetic patients. The hospital has a diabetic patient population of 55 individuals. It also has a nursing staff of 48 people. Therefore, it will be easy for the nurses to focus on individual patients and apply the knowledge that they will have been taught. The educational program will includ

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