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Film-noir and Neo-noir Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


It's about two films “the postman always ring twice” and “Fatal attraction”
It's just a journal,don't need any writing style


What, if any, are the changes that have taken place between Film Noir and Neo-Noir, in terms of the films' representation of social malaise, manifesting itself in power struggles between male and female characters?
Do we see any evidence of the gains of Feminism? Or only backlashes against women?
Who are portrayed as the victims here, and why?
Don't forget to provide examples of film language to support your points.
(Do not separate your journal response into different answers for each of these questions. Your response should address both questions comprehensively, in a miniessay form. The journal should be approximately 250-500 words long, doublespaced.)


Journal Entry:
The two movies that we watched are centered around passion and relationship and what it implicates about the human psyche. The themes are dark, lustered with those of deceit and murder. In the movie Fatal Attraction, the main character showed a different side to the stereotypical. It features Alex Forrest with the condition of borderline personality disorder. In the film, her impulsivity, emotional instability, and disorganized responses reflects the coping strategies she performed in her fear of abandonment. It shows a harsh reality of pain and suffering that a person can undergo, especially through trauma and abuse. The main character is on the spectrum of a psychopath, and the film uses this narrative to show the audience an interesting journey riddled with ideation th

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