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Was Harry Truman wrong to fire Douglas MacArthur? (Movie Review Sample)

The writing is based on the movie 'Seven Days in May" by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II, published in 1962. It should be approximately 600 words long, or two, typewritten, double-spaced pages focusing on the topic "Was Harry Truman wrong to fire Douglas MacArthur?" One research source must be cited in the essay to support our opinion but the source should not be from the movie itself. We may not cite Wikipedia as the source for their work. source..
Name Lecturer Course Date The Firing of Douglas MacArthur The former president of America, Truman S. Harry alleviated General of the Army Douglas MacArthur on 11 April 1951, from his position as General of the Army. It was proved that the sacking occurred as a result of his public statements that differed with the policies of the administration. The man was well known as a hero of world war 11, as he commanded the American forces fighting in the Korean War. Douglas sacking remained a controversial discussion in the field of the civil military relations. Douglas commanded the forces in the Pacific southwest, and after the war, was in charge of the Japan occupation. At a time when North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, which resulted in the Korean War, the man was designated commander of the America forces defending South Korea (Daniel, 22). Although he was regarded as a genius, his increasingly public statement became irritating to Truman, and as a result, he relieved Douglas of his commands. As a result, the senate of foreign Relations Committee and the Senate of Armed Services Committee, held an inquiry into the forces situation, as well as the circumstances, which revolved around MacArthur’s sacking. They came up with a conclusion that the sacking of the General MacArthur was within the constitutional mandate or powers of the president, although it was a shocking action to all citizens of America. The relieving of Doulas MacArthur for not respecting the authority of the president by communicating privately with the congress, Truman came up with some sudden change of the presidents’ role as pre-eminent, and as result, triggering a constitutional crisis. As a result, the concept that the president had absolute power came to be known as presidency Imperial, thus all military officers were notified that they could be relieved at will (Hasluck, 54). The situation went worse for MacArthur, when he declined to speak at the 51st National Encampment of the foreign wars veterans in Chicago. Instead, the man sent a statement to be read aloud. This contradicted with the Truman’s policy towards the islands of the Formosa, as Douglas stated that noth...
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