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Nuclear Profileration in Iran, and the specific international security threats that are posed (Essay Sample)

When Formulating the Essay, please take a very specific approach to formulating the thesis and focus the conversation on a few related issues; do not generalize the thesis or paper., The minimum number of references is 12, including 3 academic books, and 5 articles from scholarly Journals. The rest can be found in policy papers, mass media, etc. **It is important to delineate the thesis and hypothesis in the introduction, and use supprting arguments--logical and factual to support the thoughts and prove the thesis. Statistics should be UP TO DATE. Font 12, Times new Roman, 0.98'' maximum superior/inferiors margins and 1.18'' left/right margins. THE PAPER SHOULD CONTAIN FOOTNOTES. The Format of the essay: Contents Page, One page introduction, 2-3 titled sections, one page conclusion, and a list of used literature. Thank you for your help! source..
Nuclear Proliferation in Iran and the International Threats Posed Students Name: School Name:
Nuclear Proliferation in Iran, and the International Threats Posed.
Introduction Nuclear proliferation is a term used to describe the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons- applicable nuclear technology and information to nations which are not recognized as Nuclear Weapon States by the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT). Proliferation has been opposed by many countries. This opposition comes even from nations that are without nuclear weapons too. Most nations feel that if more countries are allowed to have nuclear weapons and nuclear technology, then nuclear warfare is a possibility, and many civilians will be the target of such warfare. In addition, it would destabilize international or regional relations or even worse infringe on the sovereignty of states. During World War 2, research into the development of nuclear was undertaken by the United Kingdom, Germany, USSR, Japan and the United States. In August 1945, the United States became the first and the only country to date to use a nuclear weapon in war. It dropped two bombs against Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, resulting to thousands of deaths and massive destruction of property and incomprehensible health risks. This action saw Japan and Germany (who had lost the war) cease to be involved in nuclear weapon research. However, the USSR in 1949, and the United Kingdom in 1952, tested nuclear weapons. This has been followed by France testing a nuclear weapon in 1960, the People’s Republic of China in 1964, India in 1974, Pakistan in 1998 and recently North Korea in 2006. These can be said to be the first nuclear weapons proliferation attempt by some of the Nuclear Weapons States in the world
Thesis Iranian nuclear program has been the center of debate and one of the most disturbing foreign policy for the current United States administration. Their nuclear program has been met with constant criticism and a lot of pessimism. The international community has considered diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran to deter it from further pursuing their nuclear ambitions. The international community argues that, a nuclear Iran will be unmanageable and a threat to world peace and security. Iran ties to terrorist groups like Hama and Hezbollah have further assisted in the protest against Iranian nuclear race as it is assumed that Iran could arm such third parties who are always a constant threat to international security. But, how did Iran come to acquire such technology? Moreover, what are some of the dangers of a nuclear Iran? Can the world deal with a nuclear Iran? These are some of the questions that this essay will try to tackle.
Hypothesis By the end of the paper, the following questions should have been tackled and answered: What is Non- Proliferation? What is the historical development of Iran’s nuclear technology? What are the dangers pose...
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