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Why People Love Watching Horror Movies (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research-based argument essay of eight pages. Just the usual research-based instructions such as synthesizing material, establishing a claim, integrating personal ideas, and etc. If it's not a hassle, please use Stephen king's "Why We Crave Horror" and Katerina Bantinaki's "The Paradox of Horror: Fear as a Positive Emotion." as two of the sources. Thank you! Topic: Horror Movies. Research Question: Why Do people love horror movies. Argument: Argue whatever you feel like or what you found in sources explaining why we love horror movies.

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Why People Love Watching Horror Movies
Horror films are movies that entail tension, relevance, and unrealism. They are nothing more than other movies. They are films like trailers and love triangle movies. However, if you are not courageous or a horror movie fan, you will be marveled with the things horror movie lovers watch. You will also find it hard to estimate or learn what the people fond of watching scary movie undergo while watching such movies. Fortunately, your puzzlement will be related directly to the opinion provided by many behavioral researchers who claim that horror movies are paradoxical. Behavioral researchers also believe that there is something extraordinary that pools people together into watching these movies. According to them, it is not logical for people to spend the whole day scaring themselves through watching such movies. They believe that most people in the world love experiencing pleasant emotions and not what horror movies watchers experience while watching scary movies (King 463). However, it seems horror movies are harmless and entertaining. This is evidenced by the opinions given horror movie lovers. For instance, the scary acts of the movie create the scary environment in the individuals watching the movie. Some also love being scared and take it as fun. This paper will provide detailed information as to why many people love watching horror movies despite their scary acts and events.
To some people, being scared is more than fun. The scary events in the movie make their heart leap then settle within a short period triggering the flow of joy in their veins (King 461). For instance, the first time I saw the huge jaws tearing a fresh in one of the scenes in “The Walking Dead” I was extremely scared. The way in which the rising dead were feeding on the living made my fingers trembled. I tried to imagine on what I would have done if I were one of the living in that world. Thanks to some steps taken by some brave individuals such as Carol. Her act of shooting a young girl who had stubbed her age mate to death was shocking but at the same time fun.
In most occasions, individuals that watch horror movies are associated with crimes and violent acts in the society because of the senseless killings seen in horror movies. However, most people search for the horror movies so as to overcome their emotional feelings (Bantinaki 383). Some also love experiencing the sensation provided with such movies and not the senseless killings portrayed in the movie. For instance, it is evident that the sensation plays a significant role towards pumping the adrenalin that contributes to the loss of stress or emotions (Bantinaki 383). The production of the adrenaline also enhances individuals overcome fear. Thus, it is the sensation that makes most people love watching horror movies.
Just like any other activities, watching horror mov...
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