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Family: How It Has Been Portrayed Through The Arts And In Real Life? (Essay Sample)


Family life is portrayed all around us: on TV, through live action and animation, in movies, in song lyrics, and in literature. We all belong to our own families, the family of St. Mary's, and the family of man. You will leave high school in a few short months. Before you go, reflect on what the word family means to you and think about how it has been portrayed through the arts and in real life.
•Discuss the various types of families that have been presented to you throughout your four years here, through the media and in literary works
•Discuss what values are taught through family




A family is one of the greatest assets that life gifts each one of us with. It is all we are left with when everything else is gone. To me, a family may either mean the people that one is related to through birth or marriage, or a group of people who share interests, experiences, and convictions. A family is a constant source of love, security, and protection. It is the unit that anchors us and gives us a sense of belonging in this big world. It is the people who know our weaknesses, flaws, and vulnerabilities, but still love and believe in us. It is the people who know our strengths and passions. The people who encourage us in our defeats and celebrate our triumphs. It is the people who teach us the all-important life lessons that will not be taught in any school.
Various forms of art such as music and movies portray the family as an important aspect of one’s life. Movies such as The Impossible show the importance of family in times of crises and need. They portray the inspiration that family gives people to become better beings. Art also brings out the pain that creeps in when one loses family, to emphasize the need for a family. Music reminds us of all the ethical values and emotions that family helps us acquire. Lyrics of songs such

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