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Hypothesis. PSYB07 Assignment (Math Problem Sample)

As you have probably noticed as part of the assignment we had asked you to create relevant graphs when testing the hypotheses. However, it has been brought to our attention that the section on creating the graphs might not have been covered in depth in the previous lectures on t test, due to lack of time. For this reason, we have decided to exclude the graphing as a requirement for the assignment only. We will be posting some slides to cover this material in more detail and the TAs will review that in the tutorial (if they haven't already) or in the final review session that will be held prior to the exam. source..
PSYB07 Assignment
Student number:
In order to test the hypothesis regarding effect of class timings on performance in final exams a comparison between average scores of both classes is performed.
Mean score of morning class in final exam=66
Mean score of evening class in final exam= 56
It is clearly indicated that mean score of morning class is higher therefore indicating a better performance
Likewise in order to compare performance of morning class in mid-term vs final exam, mean scores can be compared.
Mean score of morning class in final exam=66
Mean score of morning class in midterm exam=79
This proves that morning class performed better in midterm exams.
To assume that 50% of the evening class prefers multiple choice questions, at least 50% of the sample from that class should prefer multiple choice questions. Since only 2 out of 8 students from the sample (25% of sample) preferred multiple choice questions, it will be statistically incorrect to assume that 50% of students in evening class prefer multiple choice questions. If the sample from a population doesn`t verify an assumption then it can`t be applied on whole population.
The instructor can conclude that that`s there is an association between timings of class and preference for test type. There is a strong positive correlation between morning time class and multiple choice questions and an equally strong correlation between evening class and short questions. These correlations have been demonstrated in first table. The second table shows strength of correlation obtained after applying chi square test.
Class time vs. Question Preference Cross tabulation

Question Preference




Class time






% within Class time
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