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Sets & Counting: first SLP (Math Problem Sample)

Sets & Counting For the first SLP I want you to put into practice what you have learned about sets and counting. I want you to create three sets, set A, set B, and set C by going through the items in your wallet or purse. Set A will be a list of all of these items. Create Set B, from the items in Set A that you think are essential. Create Set C, by taking the complement of Set B in Set A, i.e. all of the non-essential items in your wallet or purse. Are sets B and C proper subsets of set A? Explain. Submit a one to two page paper with this information by the end of this module. Assignment Expectations: Identify a set and elements of the set that would make up subsets. from the original set. Distinquish between improper and proper subsets. Privacy Policy | Contact source..

Set A containing the list of all items in the wallet is given as
Set A = {ID card, ATM card, Visiting card, Money, Coins, Paid Bills, Receipts, Shopping List}
Set B containing the items which are essential is given as
Set B = { ID card...
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