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King Lear Character Analysis

Please do a good job on this, and plus add at least 6 quotes in it, can be more, but no less than 5. The quotes and the paragraph must be flow
King Lear Character Analysis
William Shakespeare’s King Lear is a tragedy that has received many accolades. As said by David Littlejon, the work is “the most unconventional, the most hysterical, the most outré and outrageous play Shakespeare ever wrote” (Boyden, Kimberley and Staines 564). This masterpiece is about the perils faced by the aging King Lear who plans to divide his realm amongst his three daughters purely based on their flattery. The following paper will analyze the character of King Lear.
King Lear is the tragedy’s protagonist who wields a lot of power in Britain but is reduced to madness because of his believe in empty flattery from his daughters. Although King Lear ruled over stable and strong land, he had very little understanding of the problems that his subjects faced. Instead, he looked upon the Fool to distract him from real issues and with entertainment so that he could forget his problems. He is depicted as an arrogant and proud King in the opening scene of Act 1 when he abdicates his Kingdom. Here, he recklessly avoids his duties as a King “intent/to shake all cares and business from our age,/conferring them on younger strengths.” (1,1, 40-42) (Cameron 58- 62)

Lear is also presented as a quick-tempered and dominant king who enjoys the high life going hunting and reveling with his knights. His quick temper is demonstrated in Act 1 scene 4, for example, after the fool tells the King of the foolishness in the decision to give away his kingdom, at which the King responds as thus: “Dost thou call me fool, boy? / we’ll have you whipp’d.” (1...
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