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Divorce (Essay Sample)

Given the effects of divorce on children and also the divorced people themselves, if you were in a bad marriage would you stay married or pursue a divorce? Write a 1 page essay on what you would do and why, demonstrating your knowledge of the subject of divorce and its effects. As in previous assignments, your work will be evaluated according to the following: 1) demonstration of knowledge of the subject, 2) demonstration of rationale and reasoning, 3) the effective use of grammar. *** Please keep in mind that I am female. Try not to be too negative. Thanks!! source..

Divorce is a rampant concern in the modern society where nearly half of the children from marriage families experience divorce before they are eighteen years of age (Clarke & Cornelia, 2006). The media coverage of divorce, as a bad relationship issues, gives it an impression that it is a common phenomenon with wide range of effects to both children and the divorcees. While the resultants of divorce affect negatively on children intellectual, social and physical well-being, parents may reap either positive or negative effects. The magnitude of these effects depends largely on the age of the child during divorce among other factors such as family support, and the extent conflict between the two parents. Social and psychological effects range from poor self-esteem and distorted peer relations and resentful emotions among children.
Among preschoolers at age four, for example, may take the blame to have caused the divorce expressing self-regret such as, ‘Dad may not have gone if they had not eaten all my food.` Preschoolers fear of abandonment, feel confused and insecure at divorce. Elementary school going children are equally hit in case of a divorce. At this age they comprehend the divorce issues, feel offended by abandoning parent, they experience grief embarrassment, resentment and increased anger, anxiety and confused loyalty.
Moreover, Adolescents are highly stressed of assumed family roles of parenting and this may influence future abilities of decision making in marriage. Gender issues have it that boys raised by their single mothers experience emotional problems as compared to those brought- up by single fathers, while girls become very responsible under their mothers. Probably one of the most significant effects of divorce is that on intellectual performance i.e. those children perform poorly in school, a...
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