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Write your reflections to all of the questions Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


please write your reflections to ALL of the questions after reading 2 articles and 1 podcast that I upload.
Here is the website of the podcast:
1) In what ways is the idea about the city presented in these different works (the readings and the podcast)?
2) What do the readings and podcast tell you about the relationship of race, class, and the city?
3) Do the readings suggest assumptions about race, class, and the city?
4) What places and spaces in the city are reflected in the readings?
5) What urban activities do the readings explore? How are these specifically tied to race and ethnicity?
6) Which reading resonates most with you?
7) In what ways do current circumstances potentially relate to the idea of cities, race, and class?
3) Do the readings suggest assumptions about race, class, and the city?
Marie - Marie, a disabled senior who relies on Social Security, carries a knife with her when she leaves the house. She takes the bus most of the time. Her race was not mentioned in the story, but her socioeconomic status can be determined based on her routine visits to the Social Security office.
Detroit is Burning - The police were targeting specific areas of town and using excessive measures to arrest people. Police brutality tends to affect specific classes and races.
Race, Protest, and Public Space - McCann suggests that the reason why spaces are racialized is that it had been designed that way by planners and elected officials. Even when a public space is made to create a sense of equality, it does not always work as planned if two groups of people clash.


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The year 1968 largely impacted the cities of New York, Detroit and Harlem has become home to the most significant event in history. New York because it is the largest metropolitan of the world and Detroit a Harlem because of the high number of immigrants and blacks. The three landmarks that affected both race and class took place in the cities. The first was the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on April 4, 1968, which sparked the worldwide protest. The student protest at Colombia University and the famous scenes in an episode in a movie of a white man and a black woman kissing contributed a lot to the discussions on November 22, 1968. It is interesting how New York City, Harlem, and Detroit is the pivot of activism against racial segregation in America.
The relationship between race, class, and city come up since the New York City neighbors the Haltom City, which is generally a black neighborhood. It comes up when Privileged white students helped the black protest against racism, even after forceful. The readings provide a new assumption about race and class. Uhura, a black woman, kisses a white man in a landmark television moment. Nicole goes in history as the first black American woman to play a significant role in television because of that scene. The scene created much noise all over America because of the evident racial discrimination during that time.

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