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Vision Statement Assignment (Essay Sample)

HW1 – Personal Vision/Mission/Core values statement – 20pts For this assignment, you will develop a personal vision, mission and core values for your own career. Things you should do before you start writing. - Review chapter 3 and power points. Review examples of vision/mission/core values. - Define for yourself who you are and what job/industry you anticipate having three years after graduation o Be practical in choice- Not somewhat unrealistic for traditional student to be “a GM traveling the world”, not too simple like a “restaurant hostess”, or too vague like a hospitality professional with no clarity on discipline operating in (Hotel/F&B, events/..etc). This provides context to what you will defining for assignment. o Review job requirements for role (skills, abilities). Search online. o Anticipate values or type of personality required in role o Phone a friend and ask what qualities you possess and a what degree or level Be ambitious, inspiring and creative! This assignment is an individual effort. Vision Statement: 5pts - Two concise sentences Mission statement: 5pts - >3 bullet pointed concise statements on your purpose considering guidance on pg.91. Core values: 2pts each - 5 bullet pointed concise statements considering guidance on pg.91, 96. These statements are related to how you operate or build upon on what qualities you possess. source..

Vision Statement Assignment
My name is Bonhyun Ku, a former university student from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I graduated from the university three years ago, having completed a degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, majoring in Hotel Management. My vision is becoming a competent hotel manager since I fancy seeing jovial and cheerful faces of clients’ satisfaction. The reason for my majoring in this career is the fact that I am an interactive person at heart. I believe I have what it takes to become who I want to be because I have had working experience and it has been an adventure all through.
During my internship, I worked at Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel as a Resort Host. My duties there were to motivate the owners and guests to attend an owner update, to develop multi-tasking skills, to provide a friendly and helpful environment for the guests. This happened through exploring around the hotel while interacting with the guests, asking about our services and the adjustments that they would require us to do. I also assisted and encouraged the guests to come frequently for their vacation at Seoul hotel. Similarly, I had a privilege to work as an agent at World Overseas Education Center. Here I played a very vital role of assisting the students have a chance to study abroad, I also taught foundation program and made consultatio...
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