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High schools & Sex education classes Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Evaluation Criteria:
Presence and quality of a thesis statement
Clear division of the main idea into body paragraphs (3)
Use of specific details for each supporting idea
Proper use of the prompt (the article) in the paper
Presence and quality of an introduction and conclusion
Presence and quality of a counter-argument / refutation paragraph
Overall coherence and unity
Clarity of language and control of grammatical structures, spelling, and punctuation
In the article "Support Abstinence Education," the author discusses the belief that high schools should teach only the idea of abstinence in their sex education classes. Read the article and decide if you are in favor of this idea or against it. Support your position with arguments and examples from the article, as well as from your own knowledge, observations, and experiences. Be sure to include a counter-argument /refutation paragraph in your essay that follows the structure we have been studying in class.


High Schools Should Teach Only the Idea of Abstinence in their Sex Education Classes
According to the national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy, sexual activity, births, and abortions among teenagers dropped. For instance, birth rates among young teenagers have declined by 45%, and the birthrates among older teenagers by 27%. According to the research carried out by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the number of teenagers actively indulging in sexual activities declined from 54 to 46 percent. Moreover, the study showed that most teenagers attributed their abstinence decisions to abstinence education. Furthermore, a national longitudinal study of adolescent health has proven that unplanned pregnancies can be mitigated by 40% if girls take pledges to abstain until marriage. Abstinence-only education will shape society's morals, prevent pervertedness, and lower teenage pregnancies and STIs. Therefore high schools must teach abstinence as the only approach in dealing with early teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

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