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The Revolutionary War: Development Of American Identity (Essay Sample)


Describe the General Course of the Revolutionary War? 
How did this war help develop an American Identity? 


American Revolutionary War
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American Revolutionary War
The American revolutionary war was quite a landmark event in the history of the nation, as it set a marker that would be the foundation of the greatest nation on earth. It was set off as a result of increasing discontentment between the British colonies in the North and the crown, also known as the British colonial government.
Describe the General Course of the Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War was initiated by the first shots at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts in April 1775. The shots were from gunfire exchanged between British soldiers and colonialists militia, after the tension between the two groups had reached its pitch.It was a culmination of various Acts passed by the colonial government, which were not well received by the locals, as well as the Boston Massacre, which left a wound in the local society.
On June, 17, the major action in the war takes place when untrained colonial fighters prevent the movement of British veterans at Breed's Hill for more than two hours (Zlatich, 2013). In November, the English governor of Virginia State, Lord Dunmore, offers deviant slaves the chance to enter British lines through a decree of freedom. It was something that most of these Africans were hoping for; to find a way in which they could also feel free and independent again. Many African Americans seek liberty by joining and supporting the British cause (USS Constitution Museum, n.d.).
In February 27, 1776, the patriot armed force crushes British (Scots) loyalists, at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge. The win silences their movement in the Carolinas. On June 28, the British offensive force plan on a day-long assault on Sullivan's Island-based patriot army. It proves to be a battle of tactics which ends by the invader falling to land troops there, and Charleston Harbor waters co

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