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Who Am I? Where Do I Can From? Children Cannot Understand Their Cultures (Essay Sample)


fiction essay
in the short story of Amy Tan ; a pair ticket


Amy Tan: A Pair of Tickets
While searching for their true identity, many people ask themselves a lot of questions like who am I? Where do I can from? Children cannot understand their cultures, especially if they live in a different country from their country of origin. When Amy Tan writes about a pair of tickets, through the narrator Jing-Mei Woo. The narrator the struggle of a young bicultural woman through a trip.
The story focuses on a young woman and his father as they take a trip to China. At a young age, Jing-Mei does not understand her ethnic identity. The title of the short story talks about a trip and readers would expect to read about an adventure, however, the author does not focus on the trip, the story talks about the self-discovery on the trip and Jing-Mei's inspiration in finding herself and identifying with her culture.
In the story, Jing-Mei never understood her Chinese origin, being born in the US she did not identify with her culture, even though her mother shared with her some of the cultural values. She had little interest in knowing more about his family background (Kennedy and Gioia 103). It is only after her mother died that she saw the importance of what her mother taught her. She tried to make her see the value of being Chinese (Kennedy and Gioia 108).
The story is narrated from a first-person perspective to reflect the author's theme, but in the end, she directly refers to herself when talking about her family and their experience while taking the trip. Jing-Mie' story is like a memory about her personal journey and her self-discovery on her journey. Through her narration, we see her dynamic character.
In the story, her father becomes influential to her self-discovery; her father's role in the story enables readers to understand Jing-Mei's struggles with identity. The trip was planned after her father received a letter from Jing-Mei stepsisters; through her father readers understand the dynamic nature of Jing-Mei's family and her life

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