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Social networking (Essay Sample)

Hi dear, I want you to do outline for this topic:Social networking. for two pages with 10 sources. 1- Select a topic from the attached list (Research Outline Topic List.pdf) 2- Use a search engine to research the topic and identifying at least ten sources, three of which must be from journals. 3- Using Microsoft Word create a document and name it "Your Name" Research Outline.docx. Your document should include the following: -A sentence outline that is at least 2 pages in length. -The sentence outline contains your citations. -Create a bibliography Save and close your file. source..
Social networking
Pempek, T. Yermolayeva, Y. and Calvert, S. College student's social networking experiences on Facebook. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 2009; 30(3), 227, 238.
This article investigates why and how college students spend time on Facebook. The article addresses behaviors that occur while using Facebook during the stages of development.
Antenos, Conforti, E. Microblogging on Twitter: Social networking in intermediate Italian classes. In Lomicka & g. Lord (Eds.), The next generation: Social networking and online collaboration in foreign language learning, 2009; 59-76
The author identifies the theories of interaction in acquisition of second language and a view of processing information. The article relates the reading of tweets to inputs integrated into the linguistic system of the learner. The article addresses the role of social networking in second language acquisition.
Cousin, G. and Deepwell, F. Desing for network learning: A communities of practice perspective. Studies in Higher Education, 2005: 30(1), 57-66
The article targets the instructors and designers of online or networked environment for learning. The article explains learning concepts in relation to social networking and network learning. There is also a discussion of implications of social networking on educations.
Dunlap, J. and Lowenthal, P. Tweeting the night away: Using Twitter to enhance social presence. Journal of Information Systems Education, 2009; 20(2).
The article adopts Twitter as a mechanism and tool for informal communication between faculty in college instructional design and students. The authors address the social presence of the faculty and class members in an online learning session. The benefits of social networking are illustrated in the article.
Barab, S and Duffy, T. From practice fields to communities of practice. In D.H. Jonassen, S.M. Land et al (Eds.), Theoretical foundations of learning environments, Mahwa: Lawrence Associates Publishers. 2000: 25-55
This article addresses the critical shift from the designed learning for collaborative classroom practice, to designed learning for connected students. This article discusses forms of distant learning through social networking and exchange of educational materials via social sites.
Brown, J.S. and Duguid, P. Stolen Knowledge. Educational Technology, 1993; 33(3), 10-15.
This article discusses the w...
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