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Response Paper (Soundtrack) 3 Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


As referenced in the syllabus, the response papers, entitled Soundtracks, require you to offer analysis and insights into several songs affiliated with the assignment. In completing the Soundtrack assignment, you will be responsible for listening and responding to questions and research items that are attached to each question. In your response, you may reference any of the music, films, readings, and other texts that we have engaged in class, but your response should include direct analysis of the song(s) mentioned in the question. Your responses should be at least a total of 1,000 words between the two questions below (500 words per question), though you may certainly write more if you deem it necessary.
Question 1
Please watch Lupe Fiasco's Bitch Bad, which you may do so by clicking the link below, and answer the following questions.
In the fall of 2012 Lupe Fiasco released the second official single from his highly anticipated, long-delayed fourth studio album Lupe’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. The provocative song, Bitch Bad, and its corresponding video became a lighting rod of controversy as it grappled with the infamous word “bitch” and its impact on children. While the song met widespread acclaim, it was also maligned for its “ painfully sanctimonious tone” and for “preaching to the converted.” Do you agree with this criticism? Why or why not?
Question 2
In the fall of 2013, Lily Allen received significant criticism with the release of her provocative single Hard Out for a Bitch. Please watch the video, which you may do by clicking the link below., then answer the following question.
Much of the criticism maligned the video as racist, and described the use of women of color as mere props rather than equal actors in the video. Do you agree with this criticism? Why or why not? What influence, if any, has hip-hop’s portrayal of women had on this video? How does this video comport with Dr. Guy-Sheftall (featured in Hip-Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes) that hip-hop presents women as objects and men as subjects?


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Lupe Fiasco Bitch Bad
Bitch bad concept portrays people encountering each other, with the hip-hop content. The young generation delivers contradictory conclusions of the "bitch" context. In his song, Lupe delivers a message that listeners and audiences receive differently with some acclaiming it as others criticized the audio and video of the music. The song aims at exposing the "bad bitch" concept; thus, I disagree with the raised criticism. This does not properly augur well with expectations, and listeners will have to reconsider their thoughts about them.
Two young people encountered mainstream hip-hop and ended up with differing conclusions. The young man in the first verse listens to the song together with his mother. The result of it is the strong-willed woman portraying "bad bitch" as someone emulative. The definition of the term as per the woman is an independent woman. The second verse focuses on several girls watching hip-hop videos unsupervised. The girls ended up taking the images and song lyrics at a face value. The third verse presents a scenario where the young girl meets the boy dressing just like the women she saw in the music video. Lupe describes her as trying to be impressive with ass, tits, and breasts, just like that. Such are physical outlooks that people believed mattered most to some fraction of the audience. This was not appealing to the boy seen as the girl represents the wrong type of "bad bitch" to the freshman raised by a "bad bitch". The girl is a bad "bad bitch" instead.

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