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Political Stake In The Federal Courts (Essay Sample)


Files will be sent directly to the writer! Research Assignments:  You will be required to write two one-page research papers throughout the course on various topics related to the American Government. 
One research paper will be drawn from the topic of the book. These research papers need to critically examine the topic using data from reputable sources.  The one-page essay should be a brief analysis of the topic. Each of your one-page essays should be properly cited and each is worth 10% of your total grade. 
You may use any citation style you choose, so long as you are consistent.
* submit a page with the citations. (2) plus book.


Political Stake in the Federal Courts
Many people believe that the federal courts in the USA are independent with the Supreme Court at the top of the judicial system. The Supreme Court is independent since its members are appointed instead of undergoing the electoral process. However, some external influence happens in the court systems to influence decisions on cases that many viewers perceive political and deals with the matters that concern the ordinary American citizens. The Federal Courts have impacts on the law passed by the Congress as well as the decisions of the presidents whenever a challenge arises as well as interpreting the fundamental rights.
A major political influence in the federal courts is the presidential appointments. The Presidents of the USA have been appointing of the Supreme conservative justices with the majority of the justices prevail in essential cases on a 5-4 voting system in favor of conservatives. Also, the President appoints the judges, but the Senate approves the appointments. Therefore, the judicial system in the USA is undemocratic as the members of Supreme Court are not elected and serve a "lifetime during good behavior" hence insulated from the pressure emanating from the public (Dahl 137). Furthermore, the Supreme Court powers are the judicial reviews on usurpation in legislative matters that invalidate the constitution. Besides, such considerations apply to the actions of the president and state actions. However, activism and ideology can influence the decisions of the Supreme Court irrespective of its independence (Dahl 137). Therefore, it can be assumed that politics have some influence on court decisions, especially on voting.
Just like in the monarchical system, the courts in America settle the dispute using the relevant facts principle as outlined in the Constitution and the law. The principal court cases usually proceed under Civil Law and Criminal laws. The criminal law usually solves disputes entailing criminal penalties hence the law helps in the regulation of conducts of people, specifies punishments for the actions found illegal and defines crimes. In criminal acts, the government as the plaintiff charges people or defendants who violate the law that protect public health, moral, safety, and welfare (L

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