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Political parties elections and groups (Essay Sample)

discuss alabama state political party organizations. identify and describe the laws that define and regulate political parties in Alabama, Identify the actual statue and qoute or summarize it. In Alabama there is a republican and Democratic state committee. Identify the statues and party by laws that determine the basis for membership and activites of the state political party committes. source..
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Alabama Political Parties Elections and Groups
Alabama is a state in the United States of America, particularly located at the Southeastern. It has been noted that the state is twenty third most populous and thirtieth among the fifty United States. The state is also referred to as the Yellowhammer State believed to have originated from the state bird. The capital city of Alabama is known as the Montgomery. Alabama elections are carried out in three formats identifying with state elections, local elections and Federal elections.
The state political parties in Alabama identify with Alabama Democratic Party, Constitution Party of Alabama, Alabama Green Party, Alabama Republican Party and the Libertarian Party of Alabama. The local government in Alabama is divided into Counties, Cities and Towns. The management of the elections is carried forward by the secretary of state who is elected. The elected secretary of the state takes the responsibility of the chief election official with the mandates of delivering guidance to the stakeholders on matters relating to the election activities, he/she has the powers of implementing Alabama Administrative Procedure Act Chapter 2. The chief election officials of the county at the local levels identifies with the judge of probate. The judge of probate also serves as the appointing board chair. The appointing board constitutes the sheriff and the county clerk. The state law does not restrict election officials in participating in political activities.
The poll operators and the poll workers in Alabama State are expected to be registered in their respective counties and county appointing board does the appointments. Alabama State has Democratic State Committee and the Republican State Committee within the legislative body of the Senate of the House. The Alabama code is under the Alabama Legislature. The 1975 Code of Alabama, title 17 governs on the elections. Alabama constitution guides the government of Alabama ratified in the year 1901. The constitution has undergone more than eight hundred amendments to suite the changing environment. Findings indicate that the Alabama constitution is the longest in the world holding 310,000 words. Montgomery has centralized power system at the Alabama state, locals have no powers at hand, and the move has called for modernization through rewrites to suite the twenty first century aspects.
Political policies must go through Alabama legislatures and them through the referendum. The length of the constitution is said to be one of the major drivers of the racism and segregation that was present in decades ago. The government of Alabama is divided onto three segments identifying with legislative branch, bicameral assembly and the Alabama senate. Republican Party has the highest number of representatives in the Legislatures houses. It has been noted that Legislature are capable of overriding usi...
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