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Can we ever bridge the gap between the ideal of liberty and equality, and the failure of government to live up to these ideals? In your answer, be sure to: 1) Define and examine exactly what this ideal is; 2) explain how the government (and/or society) has failed to live up to this ideal; and 3) if your answer to the above question is yes, propose some realistic and pragmatic solutions to bridging this gap; if your answer to the above question is no, explain exactly why this gap cannot be bridged. source..
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18 November 2011
The ideal of equality and liberty democracies have several things in common such as equal treatments before the law governing the nation (Narveson and Sterba 116). However, there are certain differences between them that bring out a great distinction. The best countries that pose examples in assessing the concepts of liberty and equality are the United States and France. The ideal of liberty is one that requires each individual to lead his or her own life and is not expected to interfere in any given way with another person (Sen 285). This is because liberty is a moral and political principle that identifies the condition in which an individual governs him/herself. Furthermore, this individual behaves in a manner that is in accordance to his or her own will.
The ideal of liberty brings emphasis on an individual over the collective (Sen 285). Some people view these ideas as negative while others do not. The equality ideal is one that calls on people to take care of issues in a manner that tends to bring about equality in the entire society (Narverson and Sterba 116). This kind of ideal focuses on bringing people or maintaining a specific degree of a similar footing that every one can fit in.
How the Government and Society has Failed to Deal with this Ideal
The libertarian’s right is not one that receives from people goods and resources aimed at preserving ones life but one that gives right simply to kill. This is understood as the right to life and not the right to receive (Hayek and Hamowy 316). According to those who support the ideal of liberty, there is no need for welfare rights for individuals. The government has failed to deal with this ideal because it has not managed to change the ideals of libertarians. Through the defense of such rights, a limited role has been played by the government to defend the rights of everyone. This is because the ideal of liberty supports the government on a slight note through prevention and punishment of the initial acts of coercion. This is what is only viewed by libertarians to be wrong. The government on the other hand has not shown great interest in dealin...
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