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Sociology 150gm - Final take-home Paper - Sternheimer, Karen (Essay Sample)

When thinking about social issues, what are systemic factors (briefly define this concept first)? How might systemic factors influence the personal decisions individuals make? How might systemic factors influence teens' sexual behavior? The use of legal and illegal substances? Use examples from at least three related chapters/course readings in support of your response. This paper should be based on some of the readings: 1. Sternheimer, Karen. 2010. Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is not the Answer, Westview Press. (You will need to read chapter 4 and 8 only) 2. Barbara Reisman & Pepper Schwartz, After the Sexual Revolution 3. Meika Loe, The Prescription of a New Generation Dear Writer, I want you to write 2-full pages please, and there should be no direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase and cite the source appropriately. Please keep in mind that the paper should provide analysis, not only examples of the concepts. The deadline for this paper is December 8th, so I will really appreciate that if I could receive the paper by December 7th. Thank you. source..
Sociology 150gm
Society is dynamics are always change to a new paradigm at most times; this makes cultures and behaviors to change. This change is brought by systemic factors which alter the general perspective of persons. This is more seen in teenagers who are in their crucial stage of discovering and identifying themselves (Sternheimer, 72). This paper tackles social issues in the light of systemic factors and how they influence the personal decisions made by individuals. It examines how systemic factors influence teen’s sexual behavior and use of legal and illegal substances.
Popular culture has at most times been an excuse for the moral and social decay for teenagers; Sternheimer tries to break the phobia that media is responsible for their sexual behavior and substance abuse. He proposes focusing of the real issues that systematically change the teenagers and form new generations. According to Loe, (46), college students from the U.S. have been raised in a generation where drugs are normally taken without prescription. In addition, the drugs are advertised openly to the consumer just like other product. Moreover, to get an admission to college remains very competitive and hence tempting them to use medication to enhance performance without doctor’s prescription.
Taking medication without prescription is a common occurrence and statistics show that one ine every four college student is involved. Some adopt this through friends i.e. peer pressure while others learn it through parents. Disorders such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), makes them take psychostimulant medications such as Ritalin and Adderall which they can get over the counter. This systemically molds the teens to adopt a lifestyle of taking legal drugs uncontrollably.
Teenage sexual activity is also controversial as some blame it on p...
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