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Personal Analysis of Utilitarianism Theory Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


consider the ethical question that is central to your Personal Essay Topic. On utilitarianism theory, what would be the right answer to your question? Why? (75%) Do you agree with the reasoning utilitarianism uses in regard to your personal Essay Topic? If not, Why? If instead you agree, explain why someone might claim that your Personal Essay Topic should not be analyzed in utilitarianism terms and explain why you are not persuaded that criticism.(25%)


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Personal Analysis of Utilitarianism Theory
Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that examines the kind of happiness that an action brings, and the level of happiness that an action brings to the number of people. Basically, utilitarianism aims at determining the amount of happiness which an action brings and the number of people it affects. In my personal essay, the central issue pertains to how the utilitarianism theory applies to the issue of abortion. Utilitarianism is considered as one of the most influential theories pertaining to moral issues. It is based on the question of whether an action if morally right or wrong and if it will produce the right or wrong results. Abortion has been an emotive issue, especially when it comes to the rights of the mother or the child. Whereas some people regard abortion as killing a child, other people argue that the rights of the mother should be given a priority.
Utilitarianism tends to support an action that brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people. Therefore, does abortion bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people in the society or does it encourage immorality? From a personal perspective, I would argue that the rights of the mother should be given the first priority, since her actions are motivated by an issue that only affects the mother. An important issue that has been addressed in this paper is how individual actions tend to influence others, and whether the results can be regarded as good or bad. Therefore, what was the intention of abortions? Was is supposed to save the life of the mother, or was it supposed simply hide the same that the mother would have been subjected to by carrying the pregnancy.
People who believe in utilitarianism argue that the aim of morality is to develop a better lifestyle by increasing the good things of life, such as happiness and pleasure, and reducing the bad issues such as unhappiness as pain. Abortion is consid

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