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Is It Time To Do Away With Prescription Of Contraceptives? (Speech Presentation Sample)


In preparation for your final project (the persuasive speech), you will submit an outline along with your list of four sources.
Introduction to Public Speaking
Use this template to prepare your final project, the persuasive speech, which will be due during the last week of this class. Use complete sentences in the outline.  


Is It Time To Do Away With Prescription Of Contraceptives?
Is It Time To Do Away With Prescription Of Contraceptives?
Description of the controversial topic
Medical practitioners champion for birth control pills with prescription to enhance the control of birth rates and high population. However, women continue to do abortion, there are high teenage pregnancies and school dropouts. Does provision of birth control with prescription controls the high birthrate and population? Therefore, the controversy is that whether the availability of the birth control pills under prescription helps to achieve the birth control objective or escalates to the above problems.
The View point to champion for:
Availing contraceptives without prescription over the counter controls unplanned pregnancies reduces high rates of abortion, teenage pregnancies and reduces costs in accessing the pills.
The opposing view point
Usage of contraceptive pills with prescription avoids high birth rates.
Attention grabber:
Would you mind buying contraceptive pill over the counter? Limited access to contraceptives affects us in different ways. The USA alone loses $ 10 billion income amidst access of contraceptives with prescriptions (Potter, et al., 2010).
How to connect to the audience
Teenage girls and women who have access to contraceptives without prescription have limited problems such as abortion complications, school dropout, teenage mothers, psychological problems and deaths.
Transitional statement:
Let me begin with elaboration on how access of contraceptives with

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