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Difference Between Moral Realism & Moral Anti-Realism (Essay Sample)


Answer one of the following two questions. Your essay should be 6-7pp. in length (double-spaced, 12 point font). Make sure to answer every part of the question you choose and support your answer with textual evidence. Make sure to define all of the philosophical concepts that you use. It will take some time to adequately present these philosophical positions before you go on to criticize/defend them. To that end, essays should be (roughly) 80% descriptive and 20% evaluative. Do not simply state what a philosopher believes, but explain in detail why the philosopher believes what the philosopher believes. You may only use course materials (readings, notes, handouts) when writing your papers. Your papers will be assessed according to the attached rubric. Please pay careful attention to it when writing your papers.

 The course material is about two books.

<<Elementary of Moral Philosophy>>

<<Right Thing to Do>>

  1. What is the difference between moral realism and moral anti-realism? Explain and provide reasons to accept one version of moral realism (i.e., moral naturalism or moral intuitionism) as well as one version of moral anti-realism (i.e., cultural relativism or divine command theory). What are the objections that the versions of moral realism and moral anti-realism you have discussed face? Defend one of these two views against the objections you raise.
  2. Consider the following maxim: “When I need money that I cannot pay back, I make a lying promise to get it.” Test this maxim for moral permissibility by taking it through both formulations of the categorical imperative. Make sure to carefully explain each formulation of the categorical imperative when testing the maxim. According to act utilitarianism, would there be conditions under which making a lying promise is morally permissible? Explain the act utilitarian position using the three tenets of utilitarianism. Defend either the deontological or utilitarian position on the lying promise against possible objections (hint: consider other deontological or utilitarian positions you could use to avoid objections). Explain what is wrong with the position you reject.






The influence of the rational will on moral statements ought to be considered when interpreting moral relativism. When there are moral statements and reasons, this indicates it is possible to rely on certain moral principles. The paper will also delve into arguments on cultural relativism as there are those support and oppose the concept. Since cultural relativism also highlights that there is plurality of values as cultures have divergence views on morals, moral conflicts are likely to arise because of disagreements on specific values. Even as there are standards of morality that are based on reason and shared an understanding of morality, cultural relativism does not automatically signify idealism realism.

Cultural relativism exists when there are characteristics and moral statements that differ from one culture to another. However, there is a need to compare how different philosopher conceptualized moral realism and moral anti-realism and the reasons for the presence or existence of moral facts .as such providing more examples of how actions influence the character and normative practices would provide insights on the usefulness of moral standards. Debates on ethical relevance highlight the importance of looking at the influence of cultural relativism views of morality. I will revise on the main points to talk about cultural relativism to link ethical principles with morality since a community or group of

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