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How to Prevent Bullying, ESL Essay Sample (Essay Sample)


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How to deal with Bullying
Individuals engaged in bullying instances are often categorized in one of three classes, “bully,” victim,” or “witness.” A victim refers to the person who is made to suffer or killed in the bullying instance. A bully is an individual who oppresses another by harsh and unjust exercising of authority or force. In addition to the role of the bully and the victim, during the Holocaust experience, the role of the bystander became eminent. Observer refers to an individual who is present during the experience but is not part of the main actions of the experience. Bystanders in some occasions condone the act of bullying either passively or actively by their actions or words, alternatively by their inaction.
Bullying experiences are often classified into either a perpetrator or victim but my experience sheds light on the role played by bystanders during such ordeals. During the Holocaust, many people played the role of bystanders and did not lift a finger to help, or otherwise disregarded the humanity of the victim. A small number however reached out to me and displayed acts of kindness to me. The turn of events reminds learners that they can make conscious decisions on whether to stand up or stand aside in the event someone is being maligned, harassed, or bullied. Standing up in such instances honors not the only humanity of others but also our own (DeHue, etal, p 220).
Anyone who has ever encountered a bullying experience could confirm it is impossible to forget the name, how they look like, or the actions of the bully. The advent of the Internet has made it convenient for bullies to torment lives of their victims on a continuous basis. The act leaves an impression on the victim. The incident occurred in my grade school as well as junior high days by the same person. The ordeal happened 20 years ago. In as much as it does not bother me as much as it used, I have not been able to get over it either. When I met him during my high school days but I was sure not to give him the satisfaction of seeing me look away or take a different path. In high school, he was off my case, but he never bothered to apologize either. We were friends when we met, but I have no idea what transpired that changed the friendship to bully and victim relationship (Naylor, etal, p120).
Social status an...
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