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persuasive essay on solving a social problem (Essay Sample)

Argument The Assignment For this essay, you will persuade your reader about how to solve a controversial social problem. You will state your opinion clearly in a thesis statement, and support that opinion in three (or more) body paragraphs and a conclusion. Your essay will follow this basic outline: - Introduction o Hook the reader's interest. o Define the problem o Explain the importance of the problem o Write a thesis statement that presents a solution to the problem and supports your opinion with three reasons.  Example: Parents wanting to adopt children should use their local foster care systems because it will ______________, ______________, and ________________. 2. Body Paragraph 1 o Topic Sentence on Reason #1 o Evidence from research o Analysis of evidence o Link to Reason #2 3. Body Paragraph 2 o Topic Sentence on Reason #2 o Evidence from research o Analysis of evidence o Link to Reason #3 4. Body Paragraph 3 o Topic Sentence on Reason #3 o Evidence from research o Analysis of evidence o Link to Conclusion. 5. Conclusion o Remind the reader how important the problem is. o Mention possible opposition to your problem o Show how your solution is still the best. o Give the reader a vision of the future, after this problem is solved. Due Dates First Draft: Monday, June 24, at 6 p.m. Final Draft: Monday, June 26, at 6 p.m. @@@ source..
PERSUASIVE ESSAY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Gun Ownership should be regulated I love guns, and I know very predictably that you love guns too. The small arms survey that was conducted last year in the United States gave a startling revelation; there are 88.9 firearms for every one hundred people. What is even more puzzling about that figure is that it means that American civilians have more guns that those in Mexico, Yemen, Pakistan and Gaza/West bank combined. This is despite what a heck-load of research that have largely indicated that gun ownership control would keep the society safer, therefore gun ownership should be regulated, after all: more guns brings about more homicide, more guns results to more suicides and my third argument is that we already have too many. It has been proven that more guns indeed equals to more homicides. If you look at the data for gun ownership levels against the homicide rates would come up with one revelation; gun homicides go hand in hand like Nicholas Cage and bad movies this is according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Let`s face it, if your neighbor or any fellow citizen for that matter is armed, then they are more likely to make your body play host to some cold bullets just like that, than if they do not have access to those firearms. What is worrying is that this fact is not only true for the twenty-six most developed countries, but also on a State-to-State level. There is no society anywhere in the world that is not unscathed from gun related deaths. The acts of homicides are at times orchestrated by children and teenagers (Andres and Hampstead, 2011). Moreover, a gun wielding citizen despite inflicting death on others can equally turn the gun on themselves as death related statistics includes self inflicted gunshot wounds, or self inflicted death which is suicide. Secondly, more guns mean more suicides. There has been this perception out there that committing suicide involves a lot of planning like one would plan for say a welding job or something else; that you sit down, give it much thought and maybe scribble the plan down the date, the way you will do it and then get on with it. However, numerous studies on suicide say...
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