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MIA Game Analysis: Identity, Sexuality, And Psychological Damage (Essay Sample)


• Discuss the addressed subject in the character design and the motivation and intention of your character design to explain how your design is critical and thought-provoking. Expand the theoretical research of your character design including your own perspective.
• Do not describe the technical development unless it is related to the concept.
• Do not heavily repeat the character/game design idea that you discussed already in the presentation.
So based on the game, talk more about the Identity, Sexuality, Psychological Damage we address thought Mia. this is the course link, you can base on the reading for week5 and week6 to get more point for identity and sexuality. No need to cite in essay.


Game analysis
Imagine living in a dystopian world where everything you do is controlled, not many people would survive in this world because they lack the ability to challenge the status quo. Video games give players the opportunity to challenge the status quo. Video games are designed to allow players to try out what they envision, like being confident or having the ability to fly. Through video games, players can experience multiple identities using constructed storylines that suit their perception of themselves. The construction of identity, sexual experiences and psychological consequences of our actions are safely negotiated when we play video games.
For example, the game MIA is constructed to portray how an android challenges the status quo. After the war, androids live among oppressive humans. Through the main character MIA, we learn how an android struggles to break free from human control by discovering her abilities. To play the game MIA means players are searching for their identity as they try to break free from the oppressors. Like many video games, MIA is designed to portray specific themes of identity construction.
MIA's character functions like a teenager struggling to understand her true identity, MIA must get through a series of events to discover who she is. In the process of her discovery, she encounters people who help her discover who she is, while others try to restrain her from knowing the truth. MIA meets Evelyn, who awakens her sexual feelings. Through Evelyn, we can see MIA's struggles to understand her emotions that have been altered to make her function in a particular way. As the game progress, MIA goes through shifting roles to finally achieve her dreams.
Like most video games, the game MIA focuses on resisting societal norms, giving players the space to experience forbidden activities. Such games allow players to engage in activities against societal norms to experience the consequences of these actions in a safe space. For example, MIA challenges societal norms by breaking through the security protocol; MIA does not want to go along with her predetermined destiny, she wants to d

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