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Academics To Online Gaming: Possible Solutions And Ways To Balance (Essay Sample)


This is an analyze essay. You need to find 4 scholar articles related to the online game and students. Then to analyze the writer's claim, reasons used to support a claim, identify the counter argument, and audiences, ect.


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Academics to Online Gaming
Video games are a discovery in this age and most individuals, especially students, are the main participants of video games. Video games can be played online and thus giving gamers an opportunity to compete while they are in different locations. Students who are involved in online gaming are likely to lose balance by forgetting their studies as these games are addictive. Such students have always recorded poor results in school, but is there a way they can balance between gaming and academics? There has been extensive research on this subject matter in an attempt to find answers to this question, but none of the procedures has been able to provide a satisfying solution. This has led to this issue being a subject of research in attempts to obtain answers. This paper is going to focus on possible solutions and ways that can be used by students to balance between online gaming and academics. The main proposition of this paper is that students either subject themselves to parental support if they set their priorities right. None of these suggestion has been proven, but I believe with consistency one can achieve a balance between gaming and academics.
Students have been faced with a problem of losing track of time when they are engaged in online games. This problem has made them loose the balance between studies and gaming. The effects of losing this balance are very evident as online gamers start recording poor scores in school. Individuals are unable to efficiently handle their assignments and homework because they are busy playing video games. This makes them weak in academics as they do not practice what they learn in class. However, there are procedures that can be undertaken to help one take control of gaming and academics. These procedures have been much researched by many individuals in an attempt to find answers. The answers provided by the various research show that the ultimate solution is setting priorities right. One can achieve a balance between online games and academics if they have self-control and can discipline themselves when it comes to implementing items in their priority list.

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