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My Love Letter to Cosplay and Alison Sander’s Megatrends (Essay Sample)


After watching the TED talk by Adam Savage entitled "My Love Letter to Cosplay" and Alison Sander's TED talk on "Megatrends," what pop culture obsession do you recall from your childhood or what trend do you recognize beginning to take hold at this current moment? What trend or iconic object/event did you at one time or do you currently embrace? Write an essay in which you both reflect on this and analyze it's social/cultural context and connection. As you reflect on it now, what does that trend reveal about that moment in our cultural history? and even more, what do you see in yourself that connected you to that trend--what does your embrace of it reveal about the kind of person you would become today? Aim for approx. 700-800 words.


TED Talk
The TED talk videos by Adam Savage, “My Love Letter to Cosplay” and Alison Sander’s “Megatrends” offers insights on how things change and the impact they have on self and communal development. A key trend that has emerged in the recent past with the proliferation of the internet and social media is online conferencing or video calls and live streaming. Video calls and live streaming are transforming how people communicate with others, how the organization engages in meetings, as well as how people entertain themselves and others. I embrace the use of video calls because they offer more substance to the communicative process compared to phone calls which are only auditory or letters and texts which entail just reading. Video calls bring the face-to-face experience that is important in communication. Suggestively, I feel that video calls are among the most important developments in social media. It has made the world a smaller place with people being able to interact in the real-time across the globe.
Recent technological developments such as a virtual reality show that video calling as a means of communication is still advancing and being made better for users. The fact that video calling has become an imperative aspect of the business world also highlights the potential it holds in future communication processes. Social media companies’ and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype have emerged as leaders in the development of video calling technologies. These appli

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